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Sailor's Sweetheart, A (1927) with Louise Fazenda and Clyde Cook. Directed by Lloyd Bacon. Warner Brothers.

Sainted Devil, A (1924) with Rudolph Valentino, Nita Naldi and Helena D'Algy. Directed by Joseph Henabery. Paramount.

Sally (1925) with Colleen Moore, Lloyd Hughes and Leon Errol. Directed by Alfred E. Green. First National.

Salome (1918) with Theda Bara and G. Raymond Nye and Alan Roscoe. Directed by J. Gordon Edwards. Fox.

Salomy Jane (1923) with Jacqueline Logan, George Fawcett, and Maurice 'Lefty' Flynn. Directed by George Melford. Famous Players/Paramount.

Sapho (1917) with Pauline Frederick, Thomas Meighan. Directed by Emile Chautard. Famous Players/Paramount.

Saturday Afternoon (1926) with Harry Langdon, Vernon Dent, Ruth Hiatt and Peggy Montgomery. Directed by Harry Edwards. Mack Sennett/Pathe.

Sawdust Paradise, The (1928) with Esther Ralston, Reed Howes, and Hobart Bosworth. Directed by Luther Reed. Paramount.

Scandal (1915) / Scandal Mongers (1918) with Lois Weber, Phillips Smalley and Rupert Julian. Directed by Lois Weber. Universal/Bluebird.

Scaramouche (1923) with Lloyd Ingraham, Alice Terry, Ramon Novarro, and Lewis Stone. Directed by Rex Ingram. Metro.

Scarlet Letter, The (1926) with Lillian Gish and Lars Hanson. Directed by Directed by Victor Sjöström. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Scoundrel's Toll, A (1916) with Raymond Griffith, Mary Thurman, Edgar Kennedy and Dale Fuller. Directed by Glen Cavender. Sennett/Triangle.

Sea Hawk, The (1924) with Milton Sills, Enid Bennett, and Lloyd Hughes. Directed by Frank Lloyd. First National.

Sea Horses (1926) with Florence Vidor, William Powell, and Jack Holt. Directed by Allan Dwan. Paramount.

Sea Wolf (1920) with Noah Beery, James Gordon, and Mabel Julienne Scott. Directed by George Melford. Paramount/Artcraft.

Secret Hour, The (1928) with Pola Negri, Jean Hersholt, and Kenneth Thompson. Directed by Rowland V. Lee. Paramount.

Senorita (1927) with Bebe Daniels, James Hall, and William Powell. Directed by Clarence Badger. Paramount.

Sensation Seekers (1927) with Billie Dove, Huntley Gordon and Raymond Bloomer. Directed by Lois Weber. Universal.

Sentimental Lady, The (1915) with Irene Fenwick, Frank Belcher and John Davidson. Directed by Sidney Olcott. Kleine-Edison.

Sentimental Tommy (1921) with Gareth Hughes, May McAvoy and Leila Frost. Directed by John S. Robertson. Famous Players/Paramount.

Seventeen (1916) with Jack Pickford and Louise Huff. Directed by Robert Vignola. Famous Players/Paramount.

Seventh Heaven (1927) with Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell. Directed by Frank Borzage. Fox.

Sheriff of Hope Eternal, The (1921) with Jack Hoxie, Marin Said and Bee Monson. Directed by Ben Wilson. Ben Wilson/Arrow.

Sherlock Holmes (1922) with John Barrymore, Roland Young and Carol Dempster. Directed by Albert Parker. Goldwyn.

She's a Sheik (1927) with Bebe Daniels, Richard Arlen, and William Powell. Directed by Clarence Badger. Famous Players/Paramount.

Should Husbands Marry? (1926) with Eddie Quillan, Alice Day, and Barney Hellum. Directed by Edward Cline. Mack Sennett/Pathé.

Should Women Drive? (1928) with Max Davidson and Patsy O'Byrne. Directed by Leo McCarey. Hal Roach/M-G-M.

Shoulder Arms (1918) with Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance and Syd Chaplin. Directed by Charles Chaplin. Chaplin/First National.

Show Off, The (1926) with Ford Sterling, Lois Wilson and Louise Brooks. Directed by Mal St. Clair. Paramount.

Shuttle, The (1918) with Constance Talmadge and Edith Johnson. Directed by Rollin Sturgeon. Select Pictures.

Sign of the Cross, The (1914) with William Farnum and Sheridan Block. Directed by Frederick Thomson. Famous Players/Paramount.

Silent Man of Timber Gulch, The (1916) with Robert Z. Leonard, Ella Hall and Mark Robbins. Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Gold Seal/Universal.

Silent Partner, The (1923) with Leatrice Joy and Robert Edeson. Directed by Charles Maigne. Paramount.

Silent Voice, The (1915) with Francis X. Bushman and Marguerite Snow.  Directed by William Bowman.  Quality/Metro.

Silk Stockings (1927) with Laura La Plante, John Harron and Otis Harlan. Directed by Wesley Ruggles. Universal.



Silver Horde, The (1920) with Myrtle Steadman, Curtis Cooksey and Betty Blythe. Directed by Frank Lloyd. Goldwyn.

Silver Valley (1927) with Tom Mix and Dorothy Dwan. Directed by Benjamin Stoloff. Fox.

Sin Unatoned (1917) with Robert Z. Leonard and Margarita Fischer. Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Universal (Laemmle).

Single Wives (1924) with Corinne Griffith and Milton Sills. Directed by George Archainbaud. First National.

Sinners (1920) with Alice Brady, Agnes Everett, and James Crane. Directed by Kenneth S. Webb. Realart.

Sins of the Mothers, The (1914) with Anita Stewart and Earle Williams. Directed by Ralph Ince. Vitagraph.

Six Best Cellars (1920) with Bryant Washburn and Wanda Hawley. Directed by Donald Crisp. Paramount.

Sleeping Fires (1917) with Pauline Frederick, Thomas Meighan. Directed by Hugh Ford. Famous Players/Paramount.

Sleepwalker (1922) with Constance Binney and Jack Mulhall. Directed by Edward Le Saint. Realart/Paramount.

Slim Princess, The (1920) with Mabel Normand, Hugh Thompson and Tully Marshall. Directed by Victor Schertzinger. Goldwyn.

Small Town Girl, A (1917) with June Caprice and Jane Lee. Directed by John G. Adolfi. Fox.


Smilin' Through (1922) with Norma Talmadge, Harrison Ford, and Wyndham Standing. Directed by Sydney Franklin. Norma Talmadge / Associated First National.

Smith's Army Life (1928) with Raymond McKee, Ruth Hiatt, Mary Ann Jackson, and Vernon Dent. Directed by Alfred J. Goulding. Pathé.

Smugglers, The (1916) with Donald Brian. Directed by Sidney Olcott. Famous Players.

Snakeville Sleuth, The (1915) with Victor Potel, Margaret Joslin, and Harry Todd. Directed by Roy Clements. Essanay/General Film.

Snob, The (1921) with Wanda Hawley and William Lawrence. Directed by Sam Wood. Realart.

Snob, The (1924) with John Gilbert and Norma Shearer. Directed by Monta Bell. MGM.

So Big (1924) with Coleen Moore, Joseph DeGrasse, John Bowers, Wallace Beery, and Ford Sterling. Directed by Charles Brabin. First National.

So's Your Old Man (1926) with W.C. Fields and Alice Joyce. Directed by Gregory LaCava. Paramount.

Soda Jerker, The (1917) with Harry Watson, Jr. Directed by Louis Myll. Essanay/K-E-S-E.

Soldiers of Fortune (1914) with Dustin Farnum, John St. Polis and William Conklin. Directed by William Haddock. All Star Feature Film Corporation.

Sole Mates (1917) with Ben Turpin, Florence Clark, Alfred Gronell. Directed by Herman C. Raymaker. Triangle.

Somewhere in Turkey (1918) with Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, and Snub Pollard. Directed by Alf Goulding. Hal Roach/Pathé.

Some Gal (1919) with Texas Guinan and George Chesebro. Directed by Clifford Smith. Frohman Amusement Corp.

Son of Erin, A (1916) with Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston and Tom Bates. Directed by Julia Crawford Ivers. Pallas/Paramount.

Son of the Sahara, A (1924) with Bert Lytell and Claire Windsor. Directed by Edwin Carewe. Edwin Carewe Productions/Associated First National.

Son of the Sheik, The (1926) with Rudolph Valentino and Vilma Banky. Directed by George Fitzmaurice. United Artists.

Song and Dance Man, The (1926) with Tom Moore, Bessie Love and Harrison Ford. Directed by Herbert Brenon. Paramount.

Sooner or Later (1920) with Owen Moore and Seena Owen. Directed by Wesley Ruggles. Selznick.

Sorrell and Son (1927) with H.B. Warner, Anna Q. Nilsson, Nils Asthor and Mary Nolan. Directed by Herbert Brenon. Schneck/United Artists.

Sorrows of Love, The (1916) with Bessie Barriscale and Ora Carew. Directed by Charles Giblyn. New York Motion Picture/Triangle.

Soul for Sale, A (1918) with Dorothy Phillips, Catherine Kirkwood, and Albert Roscoe. Directed by Allen Holubar. Universal.

Soul of Youth, The (1920) with Lewis Sargent and Lila Lee. Directed by William Desmond Taylor. Realart.

Spaniard, The (1925) with Ricardo Cortez, Jetta Goudal and Noah Beery. Directed by Raoul Walsh. Paramount.

Sparrows (1926) with Mary Pickford and Gustav von Seyffertitz. Directed by William Beaudine. Pickford / United Artists.

Speedy (1928) with Harold Lloyd, Ann Christy, Bert Woodruff, and Babe Ruth. Directed by Ted Wilde. Harold Lloyd/Paramount.

Spendthrift, The (1915) with Irene Fenwick and Cyril Keightley. Directed by Walter Edwin. George Kleine.

Spider and the Rose, The (1923) with Alice Lake, Gaston Glass, and Robert McKim. Directed by John McDermott. Principal Pictures.

Spite Marriage (1929) with Buster Keaton and Dorothy Sebastian. Directed by Edward Segdwick. MGM.

Sporting Chance, A (1919) with Ethel Clayton, Jack Holt and Anna Q. Nilssen. Directed by George Melford. Famous Players-Lasky/Paramount.

Sporting Duchess, The (1920) with Alice Joyce, Percy Marmont, and Gustav von Seyffertitz. Directed by George Terwilliger. Vitagraph.

Sporting Youth (1924) with Reginald Denny, Laura La Plante, and Hallam Cooley. Directed by Harry A. Pollard. Universal.

Spuds (1927) with Larry Semon and Dorothy Dwan. Directed by Larry Semon. Semon/Pathé.

Stage Struck (1925) with Gloria Swanson, Lawrence Gray and Gertrude Astor. Directed by Allan Dwan. Paramount.

Stairs of Sand (1929) with Wallace Beery, Jean Arthur and Chester Conklin. Directed by Otto Brower. Paramount.

Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) with Buster Keaton, Ernest Torrence, and Marion Byron. Directed by Charles Reisner and Buster Keaton. Keaton/United Artists.

Stolen Bride, The (1927) with Billie Dove and Lloyd Hughes. Directed by Alexander Korda. First National.

Stolen Goods (1915) with Blanche Sweet, Cleo Ridgely, and House Peters. Directed by George Melford. Jesse Lasky/Paramount.

Storm King (1925) with Edmund Cobb. Directed by Ernst Laemmle. Mustang/Universal.

Strange Case of Mary Page, The (1916) with Henry B. Walthall and Edna Mayo. Directed by J. Charles Hayden. Essanay. (serial)

Street of Sin, The (1928) with Emil Jannings and Fay Wray. Directed by Mauritz Stiller and Ludwig Burger (uncredited), Lothar Mendes (uncredited) and Joseph von Sternberg (uncredited). Paramount.

Street Angel (1928) with Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell and Henry Armetta. Directed by Frank Borzage. Fox.

Strictly Confidential (1919) with Madge Kennedy, John Bowers, and Robert Bolder. Directed by Clarence Badger. Goldwyn.

Submarine (1928) with Jack Holt, Dorothy Revier and Ralph Graves. Directed by Frank Capra and Irvin Willat. Columbia. Silent with synchronized music and sound effects.

Subterranean City, The [La Ville Souterraine] (1913) with Joë Hamman, and Mrs. Hamman. Directed by Joë Hamman. Eclipse (France) / George Kleine (USA).

Sugar Daddies (1927) with Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Noah Young, Charlotte Mineau. Directed by Fred Guiol. Hal Roach/MGM.

Sultan's Wife, The (1917) with Gloria Swanson and Bobby Vernon. Directed by Clarence Badger. Keystone/Triangle.

Sunset Sprague (1920) with Buck Jones and Patsy De Forest. Directed by Paul Cazeneuve and Thomas Heffron. Fox.

Sweet Daddies (1926) with George Sidney, Charles Murray, and Jobyna Ralston. Directed by Alfred Santell. First National.

Sweet Kitty Bellairs (1916) with Mae Murray, Tom Forman and Belle Bennett. Directed by James Young. Lasky/Paramount.

Swiss Movements (1927) with Jimmie Adams and Doris Dawson. Directed by Robert P. Kerr. Al Christie.

Synthetic Sin (1929) with Colleen Moore, Antonio Moreno and Gertrude Howard. Directed by William A. Seiter. First National.

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