The Sins of the Mothers (1914)

Advertising herald for SINS OF THE MOTHERS (1914) with Anita Stewart and Earle Williams.

"The Sins of the Mothers"
The N.Y. Evening Sun's $1,000. Prize Film Drama.


MON JULY 28 (1919)

Advertising herald for SINS OF THE MOTHERS (1914) with Anita Stewart and Earle Williams.

Albert E. Smith and J. Stuart Blackson
present the NEW YORK EVENING SUN's $1,000 prize film drama
"The Sins of the Mothers"

in Five Parts with
Anita Stewart and Earle Williams

THE Sins of the Mothers" is a story of gambling. The heroine is a beautiful girl. She loves cards. She loves races. She loves roulette. She loves all games of chance. She loves them with a passion that is a mania.

You know how the drug habit can grip a man, or the liquor habit. You know to what lengths it will lead him. This girl inherits a similar craving -- a craving for gambling. It is born in her. Her mother before had the gambler's instinct. She secretly kept a gambling house.

You see this girl returning from a convent where her mother sent her as a child. You see her about to enter society.

She is loved by a strong man. Her future is before her. She is taught to play cards. You see her heritage assert itself. You see it grip and hold her in its meshes. She can't resist it.

How it lures her! First to the bridge table of fashionable society -- then to the races -- and finally to notorious gambling hell formerly kept by her mother!

You see the great race track scene. You know how Vitagraph can stage a scene like this.

You see the inside of the gambling house -- the gamesters. You see the raid by her husband who has become District Attorney. He doesn't know she is there. You see what happens.

All these things appear before you on the screen in Vitagraph reality.

This is the third of the Vitagraph Blue Ribbon Features. In every detail it is up to the Blue Ribbon standard.

Note: This herald and screening are for the 1919 re-release.

with Anita Stewart and Earle Williams. Directed by Ralph Ince. Vitagraph.

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