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Gambling Fool, The (1925) with Franklyn Farnum and Otto Meyer. Directed by J. P. McGowan. Independent Pictures.

Garden of Allah, The (1927) with Alice Terry and Iván Petrovich. Directed by Rex Ingram. Rex Ingram.

Garden of Eden, The (1928) with Corinne Griffith, Louise Dresser, and Charles Ray. Directed by Lewis Milestone. United Artists.

Gateway of the Moon, The (1928) with Dolores del Rio, Walter Pidgeon and Anders Randolpf. Directed by John Griffith Wray. Fox

Gay Deceiver, The (1926) with Lew Cody, Marceline Day. Directed by John Stahl. MGM

Gay Retreat, The (1927) with Gene Cameron, Betty Francisco, and Sammy Cohen. Directed by Benjamin Stoloff. Fox.

General, The (1927) with Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, Glen Cavender. Directed by Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman. United Artists.

Generous Customers (1910) Unknown cast and crew. Melies / General Film.

Gentle Cyclone, The (1926) with Buck Jones, Rose Blossom, and Oliver Hardy. Directed by W. S. Van Dyke. Fox.

Gentleman From Indiana, The (1915) with Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston and Herbert Standing. Directed by Frank Lloyd. Pallas/Paramount.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1927) with Ruth Taylor, Alice White, Ford Sterling and Mack Swain. Directed by Mal St. Clair. Paramount.

George Washington, Jr. (1924) with Wesley Barry, Gertrude Olmstead, and Léon Barry. Directed by Malcolm St. Clair. Warner Brothers.

Get Off the Earth (1926) with Ramond Griffith. Directed by Clarence Badger. Paramount. Never completed or released.

Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford (1921) with Sam Hardy, Doris Kenyon, Norman Kerry, and Billie Dove. Directed by Frank Borzage. Cosmopolitan/Paramount.

Ghost in the Garret, The (1921) with Dorothy Gish and Downing Clarke. Directed by F. Richard Jones. New Art/Famous Players/Paramount.

Ghost Patrol, The (1923) with Ralph Graves, Bessie Love and George Nichols.  Directed by Nat Ross.  Universal.

Ghosts (1915) with Henry B. Walthall, Mary Alden and Nigel De Brullier. Directed by George Nichols and John Emerson. Mutual.

Ghosts of Yesterday (1918) with Norma Talmadge and Eugene O'Brien. Directed by Charles Miller. Norma Talmadge/Select Pictures.

Gigolo (1926) with Rod La Rocque, Louise Dresser, and Jobyna Ralston. Directed by William K. Howard. DeMille/Producers Distributing Corporation.

Gilded Cage, The (1916) with Alice Brady and Alec B. Francis. Directed by Harley Knoles. World Film Corp.

Girl Across the Hall, The (1914) with Harry Benham, Marion Fairbanks and Lila Hayward Chester. Directed by <unknown>.  Thanhouser/Mutual.

Gimme Strength (1926) with Jimmie Adams, Molly Malone, Kalla Pasha, and Jack Duffy. Directed by William Watson. Christie/Educational.

Girl and the Game, The (1915) with Helen Holmes, Leo Maloney and J.P. McGowan. Directed by J.P. McGowan. Signal/Mutual.

Girl Like That, A (1917) with Irene Fenwick, Olive Thomas, Owen Moore. Directed by Hugh Ford. Famous Players/Paramount.

Girl Named Mary, A (1919) with Marguerite Clark, Kathlyn Williams and Wallace MacDonald. Directed by Walter Edwards. Paramount.

Girl's Folly, A (1917) with Robert Warwick, Doris Kenyon and Chester Barnett. Directed by Maurice Tourneur. Paragon / World Film Corporation.

Gloria's Romance (1916) with Billie Burke, Henry Kolker. Directed by Colin Campbell and Walter Edwin. George Kleine.

Glorious Betsy (1928) with Dolores Costello, Conrad Nagel, and John Miljan. Directed by Alan Crosland. Warner Brothers.

Goddess, The (1915) with Anita Stewart and Earle Williams. Directed by Ralph Ince. Vitagraph. 15 chapters.

Good and Naughty (1926) with Pola Negri, Tom Moore, Ford Sterling. Directed by Mal St. Clair. Paramount.

Golden Princess, The (1925) with Betty Bronson and Neil Hamilton. Directed by Clarence Badger. Paramount.

Golden Rule Kate (1917) Louise Glaum, William Conklin, and John Gilbert. Directed by Reginald Barker. Triangle.

Goose Girl, The (1915) with Marguerite Clark, Monroe Salisbury and Jane Darwell. Directed by Frederick Thomson. Lasky/Paramount.

Graft (1915) with Hobart Henley, Harry Carey, Jane Novak and Richard Stanton. Directed by George Lessey and Richard Stanton. Universal.

Grandma's Boy (1922) with Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Anna Townsend, and Charles Stevenson. Directed by Fred Newmeyer. Harold Lloyd/Associated Exhibitors.

Graustark (1925) with Norma Talmadge, Eugene O'Brien, and Marc McDermott. Directed by Dmitri Buchowetski. Schenck/First National.

Great Divide, The (1929) with Ian Keith, Dorothy Mackaill, and Myrna Loy. Directed by Reginald Barker. First National.

Great Expectations (1917) with Jack Pickford. Directed by Robert Vignola. Famout Players/Paramount.

Great Impersonation, The (1921) with James Kirkwood and Ann Forest. Directed by George Melford. Paramount.

Great Torpedo Secret, The (1917) with Herbert Rawlinson, Howard Crampton, and Neva Gerber. Directed by Stuart Paton. Universal/Gold Seal.

Grounds for Divorce (1925) with Florence Vidor, Tom Moore, and Harry Myers. Directed by Paul Bern. Paramount.

Gussie, the Graceful Lifeguard (1915) with Peggy Burke, George Renevant and Kenneth Clarindon. Directed by Arthur Ellery. Falstaff/Thanhouser.

Gutter Magdalene, A (1916) with Fanny Ward, Jack Dean, Charles West. Directed by George Melford.  Lasky/Paramount.


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