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Java Head (1923) with Leatrice Joy and Jacqueline Logan. Directed by George Melford. Paramount.

Jazzmania (1923) with Mae Murray and Rod La Rocque. Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Tiffany/Metro.

Jeanne Doré (1915) with Sarah Bernhardt and Raymond Bernard. Directed by René Hervil and Louis Mercanton. Éclipse.

Jerry's Finishing Touch (1917) with George Ovey and Claire Alexander. Directed by Milton J. Fahrney. Cub/Mutual.

Jim (1914) with Ed Coxen, George Field, and Winifred Greenwood. Directed by Tom Ricketts. American/Mutual.

Jim Slocum No. 46,393 (1916) with King Baggot, Edna Hunter, and Charles Ogle. Directed by Robert Cummings. Imp/Universal.

Jitney Elopement, A (1915) with Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, and Fred Goodwins. Directed by Charles Chaplin. Essanay.

Joan the Woman (1916) with Geraldine Farrar, Hobart Bosworth and Wallace Reid. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Paramount.

Joy Girl, The (1927) with Olive Borden and Neil Hamilton. Directed by Allan Dwan. Fox.

Judy of Rogue's Harbor (1920) with Mary Miles Minter, Charles Meredith, and Frankie Lee. Directed by William Desmond Taylor. Realart.

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