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Mabel and Fatty's Married Life (1915) with Mabel Normand, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. Directed by Roscoe Arbuckle. Sennett Keystone/Mutual.

Mabel, Fatty, and the Law (1915) with Mabel Normand, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, and Harry Gribbon. Directed by Roscoe Arbuckle. Sennett Keystone/Mutual.

McFadden's Flats (1927) with Charles Murray, Chester Conklin, and Edna Murphy. Directed by Richard Wallace. First National.

Madame Butterfly (1915) with Mary Pickford. Directed by Sydney Olcott. Famous Players.

Madame Mystery (1926) with Theda Bara, Tyler Brooke, James Finlayson, and Oliver Hardy. Directed by Richard Wallace and Stan Laurel. Hal Roach/Pathé.

Madame Sans-Gene (1924) with Gloria Swanson, Emile Drain. Directed by Léonce Perret. Paramount.

Madame X (1920) with Pauline Frederick, William Courtleig, and Casson Ferguson. Directed by Frank Lloyd. Goldwyn.

Made for Love (1926) with Leatrice Joy and Edmund Burns. Directed by Paul Sloane. DeMille/Pathé.

Making of O'Malley, The (1925) with Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill, and Thomas Carrigan. Directed by Lambert Hillyer. First National.

Male and Female (1919) with Thomas Meighan, Theodore Roberts, Gloria Swanson and Lila Lee. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Famous Players/Paramount.

Man and the Moment, The (1929) with Billie Dove, Rod LaRoque, and Charles Sellon. Directed by George Fitzmaurice. First National. Silent film with talking sequences.

Man in Him, The (1916) with G. M. Anderson, Ruth Saville, and Lee Willard. Directed by G. M. Anderson. Essanay.

Man Power (1927) with Richard Dix, Mary Brian and Philip Strange. Directed by Clarence Badger. Paramount.

The Man Who Saved the Day (1917) with Wallace Reid, Pauline Bush, and John Burns. Directed by Wallace Reid. Universal (Big U).

Man, Woman, and Sin (1927) with John Gilbert and Jeanne Eagels. Directed by Monta Bell. MGM.

The Man Hunter (1919) with William Farnum and Louise Lovely. Directed by Frank Lloyd. Fox.

Man Who Couldn't Beat God, The (1915) with Maurice Costello and Charles Eldridge. Directed by Maurice Costello and Robert Gaillard. Vitagraph.

Man Who Stood Still, The (1916) with Lew Fields, Doris Kenyon, and George Trimble. Directed by Frank Hall Crane. Paragon/World Films.

Man Who Took a Chance, The (1917) with Franklyn Farnum, Agnes Vernon, and Lloyd Whitlock. Directed by William Worthington. Bluebird/Universal.

Manchu Love (1929) Unknown cast and crew. Technicolor/MGM.

Manhattan Cocktail (1928) with Nancy Carroll and Richard Arlen. Directed by Dorothy Arzner. Paramount. Silent film with talking and musical sequences.

Manicure Girl, The (1925) with Bebe Daniels and Edmund Burns. Directed by Frank Tuttle. Paramount.

Manslaughter (1922) with Thomas Meighan, Leatrice Joy, and Lois Wilson. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Paramount.

Mantrap (1926) with Clara Bow. Directed by Victor Fleming. Paramount.

Marie Ltd. (1919) with Alice Brady, Leslie Austen, and Frank Losee. Directed by Kenneth Webb. Select.

Marionettes, The (1918) with Clara Kimball Young and Nigel Barrie. Directed by Emille Chautard. Clara Kimball Young/Select.

Market of Vain Desire, The (1916) with H.B. Warner and Clara Williams. Directed by Reginald Barker. New York Motion Picture/Triangle.

Marriage(1927) with Virginia Valli and Allan Durant. Directed by Roy William Neill. Fox.

Marriage Clause, The (1926) with Francis X. Bushman, Billie Dove and Warner Oland. Directed by Lois Webber. Universal.

Married Flirts (1924) with Pauline Frederick, Conrad Nagel, and Mae Busch. Directed by Robert Vignola. Metro-Goldwyn

Martha's Vindication (1916) with Norma Talmadge, Seena Owen, and Charles West. Directed by Chester Franklin and Sidney Franklin. Fine Arts/Triangle.

Mary Regan (1919) with Anita Stewart, Frank Mayo, and Carl Miller. Directed by Lois Weber. Anita Stewart/First National.

Mary's Ankle (1920) with Douglas McLean, Doris May and Victor Potel. Directed by Lloyd Ingraham. Ince/Artcraft/Paramount.

Mary's Stratagem (1911) with Francis Ford, Edith Storey and William Clifford. Directed by William Haddock. Star Film Company (Méliès)/General Film.

Match Breaker, The (1921) with Viola Dana and Jack Perrin. Directed by Dallas M. Fitzgerald. Metro.

Mating Call, The (1928) with Thomas Meighan, Renée Adorée, and Evelyn Brent. Directed by James Cruze. Caddo/Paramount.

Mating of Marcella, The (1918) with Dorothy Dalton, Thurston Hall and Juanita Hansen. Directed by Roy William Neil. Ince/Paramount.

Medium's Nemesis, The (1913) with Harry Benham, Marie Eline, and Mrs. Lawrence Marston. Directed by <unknown>. Thanhouser.

Men She Married, The (1916) with Gail Kane, Arthur Ashley, Montagu Love, and Muriel Ostriche. Directed by Travers Vale. World Pictures.

Men, Women, and Money (1919) with Ethel Clayton, James Neill, and Lew Cody. Directed by George Medford. Paramount/Lasky.

Merry Widow, The (1925) with Mae Murray, John Gilbert, and Roy D'Arcy.  Directed by Erich Von Stroheim.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Michigan Kid, The (1928) with Conrad Nagel, Renée Adorée, and Lloyd Whitock. Directed by Irvin Willat. Universal.

Mickey (1918) with Mabel Normand, Wheeler Oakman and George Nichols.Directed by F. Richard Jones. Mack Sennett/FBO.

Mickey Flynn's Escapade (1914) with James W. Horne and Cleo Ridgely. Directed by George Melford. Kalem/General Film.

Midnight Madness (1918) with Ruth Clifford and Kenneth Harlan. Directed by Rupert Julian. Universal.

Midnight Sun, The (1926) with Pat O'Malley, Laura La Plante, and Raymond Keane. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Universal.

Midshipman, The (1925) with Ramon Novarro, Harriet Hammond, and Wesley Barry. Directed by Christy Cabanne. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Million a Minute, A (1916) with Francis X. Bushman, Beverly Bayne, and John Davidson. Directed by John W. Noble. Quality/Metro.

Million Dollar Handicap (1925) with Vera Reynolds. Directed by Scott Sidney. Metropolitan Pictures/Producer's Distributing Corporation.

Miss Bluebeard (1925) with BeBe Daniels, Robert Frazer and Raymond Griffith. Directed by Frank Tuttle. Paramount-Lasky.

Miss Lulu Bett (1921) with Lois Wilson and Milton Sills. Directed by William C. de Mille. Paramount.

Molly and Me (1929) with Belle Bennett, Joe E. Brown, and Aberta Vaughn. Directed by Albert Ray. Tiffany-Stahl.

Moment Before, The (1916) with Pauline Frederick and Thomas Holding. Directed by Robert Vignola. Famous Players/Paramount.

Monsieur Beaucaire (1924) with Rudolph Valentino, Bebe Daniels and Doris Kenyon. Directed by Sidney Olcott. Paramount.

Moonshine Trail, The (1919) with Silvia Breamer, Robert Gordon and Julia Swayne Gordon. Directed by J. Stuart Blackton. Blackton/Pathé.

More Deadly Than the Male (1919) with Ethel Clayton and Edward Coxen . Directed by Robert Vignola. Paramount.

More Pay - Less Work (1926) with Albert Gran, Mary Brian and Charles "Buddy" Rogers.  Directed by Albert Ray.  Fox.

Moth and the Flame (1915) with Stewart Baird and Adele Ray. Directed by Sidney Olcott. Famous Players (Paramount).

Mother Knows Best (1928) with Madge Bellamy, Louise Dresser, and Barry Norton. Directed by John Blystone. Fox.

Mother O' Mine (1917) with Rupert Julian and Ruth Clifford. Directed by Rupert Julian. Universal/Bluebird.

Mother o' Mine (1921) with Lloyd Hughes, Betsy Ross Clark, and Claire McDowell. Directed by Fred Niblo. Ince/Associated Producers.

Mountain Wife, A (1910) with Francis Ford and Edith Storey. Directed by William Haddock. Melies / General Film.

Move Along (1926) with Lloyd Hamilton, Helen Foster, and Glen Cavender. Directed by Norman Taurog. Hamilton/Educational.

Mr. Logan, U.S.A. (1918) with Tom Mix, Kathleen O'Connor and Dick LaReno. Directed by Lynn Reynolds. Fox.

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1919) with Marguerite Clark, Mary Carr and Gareth Hughes. Directed by Hugh Ford. Paramount.

My Best Girl (1927) with Mary Pickford and Charles "Buddy" Rogers. Directed by Sam Taylor. Pickford/United Artists.

My Official Wife (1926) with Irene Rich, Conway Tearle, and Jane Winton. Directed by Paul Stein. Warner Brothers.

Mysterious Lady, The (1927) with Greta Garbo and Conrad Nagel. Directed by Fred Niblo. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Mystery Club, The (1926) with Matt Moore, Edith Roberts, and Mildred Harris. Directed by Herbert Blaché. Universal.

Mystery Girl, The (1918) with Ethel Clayton, Clarence Burton, and Charles West. Directed by William C. deMille. Famous Players/Paramount.

Mystery of the Hindu Image, The (1914) with Nick Cage, Dark Cloud and Richard Cummings. Directed by Raoul Walsh. Majestic / Mutual.

Mystery Man, The (1923) with Snub Pollard and Marie Mosquini. Directed by Hugh Fay. Hal Roach/Pathé.

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