Magazine Articles From Vintage Publications

Cartoonist Bray With Paramount by Lynde Denig
From the Moving Picture World, December 11, 1915, page 1988

The Coqulin of the Movies by Henry Wysham Lanier
From The World's Work, March 1915, pages. 566-567

Exposing Raymond Griffith by William H. McKegg
From Picture Play, January 1927, pages 32-33, 106-107

He Got No Pay For Genius
From Photoplay, July 1930

Raymond Griffith: The Silk-Hat Comedian Can Now Be Seen in "Rain and Shine"
From Picture Show, August 13, 1927,

The Story of My Life by Pauline Frederick
From Motion Picture Magazine, December 1918

Tea with Mrs. Barthelmess by Mabel Livingstone
An Intimate Chat with the Mother of Dick
From The Home Movie Journal, June, 1926

What People Laugh at and What They Don't by Raymond Griffith
From The Home Movie Journal, June, 1926

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