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Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in TWO TARS (1928).

Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in Two Tars (1928).

  • September 2022. Added pages for Sporting Youth, The Thrill of Brazil, The Discarded Woman, Out of the Shadow,Wedding Bells, The Mating of Millie, Double Suspicion, Ladies in Retirement, The Enchanted Hill, Lost - A Wife, The Riddle Rider, The Michigan Kid; Steamboat Bill, Jr. and Stolen Goods. Added photos for Success at Any Price, The Milky Way, Broken Chains, and Naughty But Nice. Added programs for Schwartz's Garden Theatre and Crandall's Metropolitan Theatre. Added pressbooks for The Woman in the Case and Sapho. Added newsphoto of Lady Ashley, Douglas Fairbanks, and Raymond Griffith.
  • August 2022. Added pages for Lupin the Gentleman Burglar, Mary Regan, The Girl on the Front Page, Honeymoon Hate, and The Brute (1927). Added You'd Be Suprised lobby card. Added herald for The Goose Girl. Added postcards for The Brute (1914) and Graft. Added photos for Dangerous Blondes and Maybe It's Love.
  • July 2022. Added pages for Bullets or Ballots, Born to the West, The Cradle, Strictly Personal, The Man in Him, The Noose, The Doomed Battalion, The Little 'fraid Lady, Alias Julius Caesar, and Hell Divers. Added programs for the Potsdam Rialto theater, B. F. Keith's Palace Theatre, and the Criterion Theatre. Added Billie Ritchie postcard. Added Bebe Daniels fan photo. Added photo for Seventh Heaven.
  • June 2022. Added pages for By Whose Hand?, The Price Mark, Our Relations, Tangled Fates, and The Moment Before. Added photos for Phantom of the Opera, The Goddess, Terror By Night, Nothing Sacred, and Woman on the Run. Added State Theatre program. Added heralds for The Country Beyond, The Diamond From the Sky, and The Female.
  • May 2022. Added pages for The Bush Leaguer, The Four Feathers, The Volga Boatman, The Gay Retreat, Tea For Three, The Fatal Ring, The Joy Girl, Hellship Bronson, A Sailor's Sweetheart, The Lion's Roar, Rough and Ready, The Yankee Girl, Broken Chains, National Lampoon's Animal House, and The Back Trail.
  • April 2022. Added pages for Pretty Clothes, Bird of Paradise, The Danger Game, Drums of the Desert, The Divorce Trap, The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case, The Little School Ma'am, The Black Secret, For Heaven's Sake (1926), and Behind the Front. Added photos for The Trouble With Wives, The Big Clock, and Her Wild Oat. Added arcade cards for The Crowd, The Big Parade, and What Price Glory.
  • March 2022. Added pages for Her Sister From Paris, Adam's Rib, Lilies of the Field, The Snob (1921), Waterfront, The Common Law, Somewhere in Turkey, Sweet Kitty Bellairs, The Ace of Hearts, Conductor 1492, George Washington, Jr., Spuds, and That Royle Girl. Added photos for The Devilish Romeo, The Black Pirate, and The Bedroom Window. Added Colleen Moore tobacco card. Added Majestic Theatre postcard.
  • February 2022. Added pages for A Tight Squeeze, Pampered Youth, The Gentle Cyclone, and Luck in Pawn. Added photos for All Quiet on the Western Front, Success at Any Price, and Daddy Long Legs. Added Oliver Hardy arcade card. Added Sally postcard. Added program for Metropolitan Theatre.
  • January 2022. Added pages for Black Oxen, Three Bad Men, His Tiger Lady, Lonesome Ladies, The Garden of Eden, Cheating Cheaters, Fast and Furious, The Convent Gate, For the Love of Mike, Drums of Love, and The Devil's Claim. Added lobby card for Dangerous Blondes. Added photos for The Sorrows of Love, The Man and the Moment, All Quiet on the Western Front, and The Winning of Barbara Worth. Added program for the Chicago Peoples Theatre. Added Beau Geste bookmark. Added heralds for Sally and A Thief in Paradise.
  • December 2021. Added pages for Should Husbands Marry?, Broke Again, Wanderer of the Wasteland, Shoulder Arms, The Iron Claw, Half an Hour, and The Little Widow. Added lobby card for Dallas. Added photos for The Night Club, A Jitney Elopement, So Big, and Welcome Danger.
  • November 2021. Added pages for Lights of Old Broadway, Trouble Enough!, The Tourist, Open House, and The Great Divide. Added lobby card for Dangerous Blondes.
  • October 2021. Added photo for Changing Husbands. Added pages for Battle Cry, Hearts in Exile, Dallas and The Time, The Place and the Girl.
  • September 2021. Added pages for Christine of the Hungry Heart, The White Sister, California, The Eagle, The Spider and the Rose, Salome (1953), Jeanne Doré, Lillian Russell, The Christian, and Graustark. Added photos for The Making of O'Malley and Twinkletoes. Added Huntington Theatre program.
  • August 2021. Added pages for The Winning of Barbara Worth, Never Say Die, Infatuation, King of the Wild Horses, The Dark Swan, This is the Night, and Hush Money. Added herald for Baby Mine. Added photos for The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln, The Red Lily, A Walk in the Sun, and Fifth Avenue. Added Oneonta Theatre program.
  • July 2021. Added pages for The Pagan, Heart to Heart, and Some Gal. Added photo for A Walk in the Sun.
  • June 2021. Added program for the Chatham Theater. Added photos for The Mysterious Lady, Lilac Time, Artists' Muddles, Mabel Normand, Janice Wilson, Julian Eltinge, and Rustling for Cupid. Added page for Hesitating Horses. Added pressbook for Kitty From Killarney.
  • May 2021. Added photos for The Stolen Bride, The Marriage Clause, The Eternal Three, and Sensation Seekers. Added pages for Cheyene, A Lady of Quality, and A Night in the Show. Added Stone Theatre, Clunes's Auditorium, and Strand Theatre programs.
  • April 2021. Added pages for Running Wild, Painted People, Drag, Smith's Army Life, The Fighting Blade, and Francis X. Bushman, Jr. Added program for Four Sons. Added photo for His Girl Friday.
  • March 2021. Added pages for The Devilish Romeo, The Bachelor's Baby, Brown of Harvard, and Broad Daylight. Added photos for Her Dangerous Path, Married Flirts, The Scarlet Letter, My Man Godfrey, The Understanding Heart, and The Peace of Roaring River. Added postcard for Careers. Added program for the Vincennes-Palace. Added herald for Lilac Time.
  • February 2021. Added stamps for The Goddess. Added photos for Ritzy and Dangerous Blondes. Added Globe Theatre program. Added pages for A City Sparrow and A Friendly Husband.
  • January 2021. Added pages for Castles for Two, Power, Look Your Best, Woman and the Law, Cold Turkey, The Woman and the Suitcase, Man in the Saddle, and The Rodeo. Added photos for Smiling Irish Eyes and Putting Pants on Philip. Added postcards for Smiling Irish Eyes. Added Carthay Circle Theatre program for Sunrise.
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