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Face on the Barroom Floor, The (1923) with Henry B. Walthall and Ruth Clifford. Directed by John Ford. Fox.

Fair Co-ed, The (1927) with Marion Davies, Johnny Mack Brown, Jane Winton and Thelma Hill. Directed by Sam Wood. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

False Faces, The (1919) with Henry B. Walthall and Lon Chaney, Sr. Directed by Irvin Willat. Paramount.

Fanchon the Cricket (1915) with Mary Pickford and Jack Standing. Directed by James Kirkwood. Famous Players/Paramount.

Fast Set (1924), The with Adolphe Menjou, Betty Compson and Elliott Dexter. Directed by William de Mille. Paramount.

Fear Bound (1925) with William Nigh. Directed by William Nigh. Vitagraph.

Fedora (1918) with Pauline Frederick and Alfred Hickman. Directed by Edward José. Famous Players-Lasky/Paramount.

Feel My Pulse (1928) with Bebe Daniels, Richard Arlen, and William Powell. Directed by Gregory La Cava. Paramount.

Female, The (1924) with Betty Compson, Warner Baxter, and Noah Beery. Directed by Sam Wood. Paramount.

Fifth Avenue (1926) with Marguerite de la Motte, Allan Forrest and William V. Mong. Directed by Robert Vignola. Belasco Productions/Producers Distributing Corporation

Fighting Blade, The (1923) with Richard Barthelmess and Dorothy Mackaill. Directed by John S. Robertson. Inspiration/Associated First National.

Fighting Blood (1923) with George O'Hara, Kit Guard, and Louise Lorraine. Directed by Mal St. Clair. Robertson-Cole. Series.

Fighting Eagle, The (1927) with Rod La Rocque, Phyllis Haver, and Julia Faye. Directed by Donald Crisp. Pathé.

Fine Clothes (1925) with Lewis Stone, Percy Marmont, Eileen Percy, and Raymond Griffith. Directed by John M. Stahl. First National.

Finishing Touch, The (1928) with Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and Edgar Kennedy. Directed by Clyde Bruckman. Hal Roach/MGM.

Fire Brigade, The (1926) with May McAvoy, Charles Ray, and Holmes Herbert. Directed by William Nigh. MGM.

Fire Flingers, The (1919) with Rupert Julian, Jane Novak, and Fred Kelsey. Directed by Rupert Julian. Universal.

Firemen, Save My Child (1927) with Wallace Beery. Directed by Edward Sutherland. Paramount.

Flaming Forest, The (1926) with Antonio Moreno and Renée Adorée. Directed by Reginald Barker. M-G-M.

Flaming Frontier, The (1926) with Hoot Gibson, Anne Cornwall, and Dustin Farnum. Directed by Edward Sedgwick. Universal.

Flaming Youth (1923) with Colleen Moore and Milton Sills. Directed by John Francis Dillon. First National.

 Flirting with Love (1924) with Colleen Moore, Conway Tearle and Alan Roscoe. Directed by John Francis Dillon. First National.


Fly God, The (1918) with Roy Stewart and Edward Peil. Directed by Cliff Smith. Triangle.

Follies Girl, The (1919) with Olive Thomas, Wallace McDonald, Claire McDowell and Raymond Griffith. Directed by John Francis Dillon. Triangle.

The Folly of Fanchette (1917) with Mae Busch, Lee Shumway , and Malcolm Blevins. Directed by John McDermott. IMP/Universal.

Folly of Vanity, The (1924) with Billie Dove, Jack Mulhall. Directed by Maurice Elvey. Fox.

Foolish Wives (1922) with Erich Von Stroheim, Mae Busch, and Maude George. Directed by Erich Von Stroheim. Universal.

Fools for Luck (1928) with W. C. Fields, Chester Conklin and Sally Blaine. Directed by Charles Reisner. Paramount.

Fools of Fortune (1922) with Marguerite de la Motte, Frank Dill, and Tully Marshall. Directed by Louis Chaudet. Golden State/American.

Fool's Paradise (1921) with Dorothy Dalton, Conrad Nagel, Mildred Harris, and John Davidson. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Paramount.

Fortunes of Fifi, The (1917) with Marguerite Clark and William Sorelle. Directed by Robert Vignola. Famous Players / Paramount.

Foraging (1911) with Maurice Costello, Tefft Johnson and Kate Price. Directed by <unknown>. Viatgraph.

Forty Winks (1925) with Raymond Griffith and Anna May Wong. Directed by Frank Urson and Paul Iribe. Paramount.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The (1921) with Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry and Alan Hale. Directed by Rex Ingram. Metro.

Four Sons (1928) with Margaret Mann, James Hall and Charles Morton. Directed by John Ford. Fox.

Freshman, The (1925) with Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston. Directed by Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor. Harold Lloyd/Pathé

Friend Husband (1918) with Madge Kennedy and Rockcliffe Fellowes. Directed by Clarence Badger. Goldwyn.

 Friend Husband (1918) with Charlie Murray, Mary Thurman, Wayland Trask and Gene Rogers. Directed by Walter Wright. Sennett/Paramount.

Friendly Husband, A (1923) with Lupino Lane, Alberta Vaughn, and Eva Thatcher. Directed by John Blystone. Fox.

From Italy's Shores (1915) with Roy Stewart, Jane Novak and Harold Lloyd. Directed by Otis Turner. Rolin/Universal.

From Soup to Nuts (1928) with Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Anita Garvin, and Edna Marion. Directed by E. Livingston Kennedy (Edgar Kennedy). Hal Roach/MGM.

Fuss and Feathers (1918) with Enid Bennett and Douglas MacLean. Directed by Fred Niblo. Thomas Ince/Paramount.

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