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Packer Jim's Guardianship (1915) with Ivan Christy and Zoe Ray (Bech). Directed by Wray Physioc. Biograph.

Pagan, The (1929) with Ramon Novarro, Renée Adorée, Dorothy Janis and Donald Crisp. Directed by W. S. Van Dyke. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Painted People (1924) with Colleen Moore and Ben Lyon. Directed by Clarence Badger. First National.

Pajamas (1927) with Lawrence Gray, Olive Borden and Jerry Miley. Directed by John G. Blystone. Fox.

Paliser Case, The (1920) with Pauline Frederick, Albert Roscoe and James Neill. Directed by William Parke. Goldwyn.

Pals First (1918) with Harold Lockwood and Rubye De Remer. Directed by Edwin Carewe. Yorke/Metro.

Pampered Youth (1925) with Cullen Landis, Ben Alexander, and Alice Calhoun. Directed by David Smith. First Vitagraph.

Partners in Crime (1928) with Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton, Mary Brian and William Powell. Directed by Frank R. Strayer. Paramount.

Paths to Paradise (1925) with Betty Compson, Raymond Griffith, Tom Santschi, and Edgar Kennedy. Directed by Clarence Badger. Paramount.

Patsy, The (1928) with Marion Davies, Marie Dressler and Dell Henderson. Directed by King Vidor. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Paying the Piper (1921) with Dorothy Dickson, Alma Tell and George Fawcett. Directed by George Fitzmaurice. Paramount.

Peace of Roaring River, The (1919) with Pauline Frederick and Hardee Kirkland. Directed by Hobart Henley, and Victor Schertzinger. Goldwyn.

Peacock Feathers (1925) with Jacqueline Logan, Cullen Landis and Ward Crane. Directed by Svend Gade. Universal.

Peg o' the Ring [The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring] (1916) with Grace Cunard, Francis Ford and Marc Fenton. Directed by Francis Ford. IMP/Universal.

Peggy Puts It Over (1921) with Alice Calhoun and Edward Langford. Directed by Gustav von Seyffertitz. Vitagraph.

Penalty, The (1920) with Lon Chaney and Ethel Grey Terry. Directed by Wallace Worsley. Goldwyn.

Perfect Flapper, The (1924) with Colleen Moore, Syd Chaplin, and Phyllis Haver. Directed by John Francis Dillion. First National.

Perils of Pauline, The (1914) with Pearl White, Crane Wilbur, and Paul Panzer. Directed by Louis Gasnier (chapters 1-10) and Donald MacKenzie (chapters 11-20). Pathé/Eclectic.

Phantom Justice (1924) with Rod La Rocque, Kathryn McGuire, and Estelle Taylor. Directed by Robert Vignola. Famous Players/Paramount.

Phantom of the Opera, The (1925) with Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, and Norman Kerry. Directed by Rupert Julian and Edward Sedgwick. Universal.

Phil For Short (1919) with Evelyn Greeley and Hugh Thompson. Directed by Oscar Apfel. World.

Pie-Eyed Piper (1918) with Zasu Pitts and Billy Franey. Directed by William Beaudine. Nestor/Universal.

Play Ball (1925) with Walter Miller, Allene Ray, and J. Barney Sherry. Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet. Pathé. Serial.

Play Girl, The (1928) with Madge Bellamy, Johnny Mack Brown, and Anita Garvin. Directed by Arthur Rosson. Fox.

Play Straight or Fight (1918) with Helen Gibson and Hoot Gibson. Directed by Paul Hurse. Universal.

Playthings of Passion (1919) with Kitty Gordon and Mahlon Hamilton. Directed by Wallace Worsley. United Picture Theaters of America.

Pollyanna (1920) with Mary Pickford, Wharton James and Katherine Griffith. Directed by Paul Powell. Mary Pickford/United Artists.

Pony Express, The (1925) with Betty Compson, Ricardo Cortez, Wallace Beery and George Bancroft. Directed by James Cruze. Paramount.

Potters, The (1927) with W. C. Fieds and Mary Alden. Directed by Fred Newmeyer. Paramount.

Power (1928) with William Boyd, Jacqueline Logan and Carole Lombard. Directed by Howard Higgin. Pathé.

Pretty Clothes (1927) with Jobyna Ralston, Gertrude Astor and Lloyd Whitlock. Directed by Phil Rosen. Sterling.

Price, The (1915) with Helen Ware and Wilmuth Merkyl (John Merkyl). Directed by Joseph A. Golden. Equitable/World Film.

Price of Fear, The (1928) with Bill Cody and Duane Thompson. Directed by Leigh Jason. Universal.

Price of Pleasure, The (1925) with Virginia Valli and Norman Kerry. Directed by Edward Sloman. Universal.

Price Mark, The (1917) with Dorothy Dalton, William Conklin, and Thurston Hall. Directed by Roy William Neill. Ince/Paramount.

Price She Paid, The (1917) with Clara Kimball Young, Louise Beaudet, and Snitz Edwards. Directed by Charles Giblyn. Selznick.


Primal Lure, The (1916) with William S. Hart, Margery Wilson and Robert McKim. Directed by William S. Hart. Kay-Bee/Ince.

Prince and Betty, The (1919) with William Desmond and Mary Thurman. Directed by Robert Thornby. Hampton/Pathé.

Prince of Pilsen, The (1926) with George Sidney, Anita Stewart, Allan Forrest. Directed by Paul Powell. Belasco/Producer's Distributing Corporation.

Princess of the Hills, A (1912) with Alice Joyce and Carlyle Blackwell. Directed by George Melford. Kalem.


Princess Virtue (1917) with Mae Murray, Lule Warrenton, and Wheeler Oakman. Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Universal/Bluebird.

Prisoner of Zenda, The (1913) with James K. Hackett and Beatrice Beckley. Directed by Edwin S. Porter. Famous Players.

Prisoner of Zenda, The (1922) with Lewis Stone, Alice Terry, Robert Edeson, and Ramon Novarro. Directed by Rex Ingram. Metro.

Probation Wife, The (1919) with Norma Talmadge and Thomas Meighan. Directed by Sidney Franklin. Norma Talmadge/Select.

Prodigal Judge, The (1922) with Jean Paige, Macklyn Arbuckle and Ernest Torrence. Directed by Edward Jose. Vitagraph.

Prudence the Pirate (1916) with Gladys Hulette, Flora Finch and Riley Chamberlin. Directed by William Parke. Thanhouser/Pathé.

Prunella (1918) with Marguerite Clark and Jules Raucourt. Directed by Maurice Tourneur. Famous Players/Paramount.

The Purple Mask (1917), Chapter 9, A Strange Discovery with Grace Cunard, Francis Ford, and Jean Hathaway. Directed by Grace Cunard and Francis Ford. Universal.

Putting Pants on Philip (1927) with Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, and Sam Lufkin. Directed by Clyde Bruckman. Hal Roach/MGM.





Queen of Sheba (1921), The with Betty Blythe and Fritz Lieber. Directed by J. Gordon Edwards. Fox.

Quality Street (1927) with Marion Davies, Conrad Nagel and Helen Jerome Eddy. Directed by Sydney Franklin. Cosmopolitan/M-G-M.

Question of Honor, A (1922) with Anita Stewart. Directed by Edwin Carewe. Anita Stewart/First National.

Quiet Street, A (1922) with Jack Davis, Jackie Condon, Ernest Morrison and Mickey Daniels. Directed by Robert McGowan and Tom McNamara. Hal Roach/Pathe.

Quo Vadis (1912) with Amoleto Novelli and Gustavo Serena. Directed by Enrico Guazzoni. Cines Italy/Kleine.


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