The Man Who Saved the Day (1917)

THE MAN WHO SAVED THE DAY (1917) from Moving Picture Weekly magazine, February 17, 1917


BIG U DRAMA in Two Reels. The story of two men and one woman and a deed of heroism, for which the wrong man gets credit.


John King

Wallace Reid

Ethel Warren

Pauline Bush

Anson Pryce

John Burns

A CIVIL WAR story built upon the theme of two men and one woman, and her choice of the wrong man, is released as a Big U drama under the title of "The Man Who Saved the Day." King's deed threatens to bring glory and the girl to the wrong man, but justice triumphs in the end.

Ethel Warren is the prettiest girl in the town and there are many suitors for her hand. She cannot decide between two of them, Anson Pryce, a lawyer, and John King, a journalist. She seems to care for both of them.

John has had an accident and lost the use of an arm. War is declared and both men hasten to volunteer. Anson is accepted at once, but John is rejected on account of his arm. Anson is lauded as  a hero by the neighbors, and Ethel is impressed by his prowess in volunteering. She does not know that John has been rejected for physical reasons, and thinks that he has failed to offer his services to his country. Anson is called at once, and has no time to visit Ethel. He writes her a letter in which he says good-by (sic) and mentions the face that John will not be with him in the regiment.

THE MAN WHO SAVED THE DAY (1917) from Moving Picture Weekly magazine, February 17, 1917

Ethel then thinks that John has shown the white feather, and when he calls to see her, she denies herself to him. He is much hurt but accepts her decision.

He tries in every way to get to the front, and at last succeeds in being sent as a war correspondent. One day his heroism is instrumental in saving the Union army from defeat. In writing the story for his paper, he gives the credit for his brave deed to Anson, for Ethel's sake, so that she may be proud of her lover.

After the return of the regiment, at the end of the war, Anson is received as a hero by his town. Ethel worthips his courage, and is engaged to him. Anson at last finds it impossible to accept any longer the praise which he has not earned. He confesses that it was John and not himself who saved the regiment from disaster. John is then declared the real hero, and marries Ethel.

From The Moving Picture Weekly, February 17, 1917, pages. 29, 34

with Wallace Reid, Pauline Bush and John Burns.  Directed by Wallace Reid.  Universal.

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