The Midshipman (1925)

Herald for THE MIDSHIPMAN (1925) with Ramon Novarro

Ramon Novarro
in the great Naval picture
The Midshipman


RAMON NOVARRO in The Midshipman

What You Will See:
Student life at Annapolis.
The Middle crew in the winning race with Princeton.
A complete Naval graduation.
Midnight capture of a girl aboard a speeding yacht.
U.S. Destroyer in action.
Two men... a death the pounding engine room of a fleeting vessel.
Man overboard. His heroic fight with a merciless ocean.
Rescue and a Middle's conquest of a girl's heart.

A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer PICTURE.

Herald for THE MIDSHIPMAN (1925) with Ramon Novarro

The Front Page Moving Picture Story
-- the loves and adventures of the Annapolis Naval Academy

ALL the glamour and rip-roaring fun of student life at Annapolis... The making of a Midshipman -- its humors and its hardships alike -- from the ruthless pranks of first-year initiation to the proud moment of graduation. Glorious and adventurous romance wherein a cadet's heart is torn between love and duty! A girl kidnapped at midnight and hurried out to sea on a speeding yacht. Destroyers to the rescue! It's heroic! It's splendid! The spirit of youth and gallant romance immortalized!

Made with the cooperation of the Navy Dept. -- with 2400 cadets in the cast.

Ramon Novarro in The Midshipman
directed by Christy Cabanne

scenario by F. McGREW WILLIS

The Navy Wins!     To the Rescue!     A Cadet's Honor At Stake!

A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer PICTURE

with Ramon Novarro, Kathleen Key and Wesley Barry. Directed by Christy Cabanne. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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