The Gentleman From Indiana (1915)

Dustin Farnum in THE GENTLEMAN FROM INDIANA (1915) movie herald

Pallas Pictures presents


"The Gentleman From Indiana"

The Big Hit of the Year
A Filmization of Booth Tarkington's best loved and most popular work

Dustin Farnum in THE GENTLEMAN FROM INDIANA (1915) movie herald

Fisbee, Once a noted university professor

The editor gets damaging evidence

Harkless meets the beautiful Helen

I am the owner of the Plattville Herald

Harless Returns from the hospital a hero

The end of the whitecaps




Helen Sherwood

Winifred Kingston

Joe Fisbee

Herbert Standing

Lige Willets

Page Peters

Rodney McCune

Howard Davies

Tom Meredith

Juan de la Cruz


Joe Ray

Skillet's Girl

Elsie Cort

Dustin Farnum in THE GENTLEMAN FROM INDIANA (1915) movie herald from the Liberty Theatre


AFTER leaving the university where he has been oneof the greatest football stars in years, John Harkless (Dustin Farnum) plunges into the thick of Indiana politics through purchasing the Platville herald and fearlessly smashing the corrupt political machine of Rodney McCune.

While this in a few words describes the gist of the play it by no means conveys to the reader the wonderful photoplay that has been built around Booth Tarkington's very human story. Pen and ink cannot describe the smoothness of the action, the transition from scene to scene as Mr. Farnum lives, not acts, the part of the character he is portraying.

To the man or woman who was born in a small town the "Main Street" of Platville will seem like apicture of the old homestead. To the city born it will bring a view of what a country town really looks like. And the characters are the everyday persons one meets in a town of this kind. The local political "boss"; the university professor, who had fallen from grace by his love for liquor, reforms when offered a helping hand; the leader of the "Whitecaps" and his crew of ruffians; the girl who has been adopted by her aunt in the city, all are true to life.

For those who like a strong love story, of a real man and a real woman will not be disappointed. Every human element is offered. And last, but not least, special music has been written and adapted for this production, music that is suited to every foot of the film. You will enjoy it from beginning to end.

Sunday, September 10th

with Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston and Herbert Standing. Directed by Frank Lloyd. Pallas/Paramount.

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