Get Off the Earth (1926)

Advertisement for GET OFF THE EARTH with Raymond Griffith


The sensational comedy novelty of 1926 from "The Ship that Sailed to Mars" by W.M. Timlin.

The high hat comedian absolutely tops everything he has ever done in his life before in this startling surprise offering!  Hurrying down Fifth Avenue, New York, to his wedding, Raymond suddenly spins right off the earth up into a dizzy but delightful paradise of beautiful damsels, monstrous-sized animals and more fun than twenty everyday worlds like ours!  Of course Raymond comes back to earth and marries the girl but -- !

Clarence Badger Production

A Paramount Picture

This advertistment is for an unreleased Raymond Griffith Paramount film, 1926.  This film was announced in the March 1926 Photoplay and the March 1926 Motion Picture Classic as The Ship That Sailed to Mars.  The April Photoplay annouced this film as Get Off the Earth.  I have found no further mentions of this film.  The ad above was from some kind of exhibitors' book, but I only have this single page.

with Ramond Griffith.  Directed by Clarence Badger.  Paramount.  Never completed or released.

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