The Purple Mask (1916) serial

Moving Picture Weekly February 17, 1917 article on THE PURPLE MASK: A Strange Discovery

At the left Pat is in her garage costume.

In the centre the start of the race.

At the right the detective.

EPISODE NINE  of the big serial, written and produced by Grace Cunard and Francis Ford, is entitled "A Strange Discovery," and brings the daring queen of the Apaches to America, where she wins an auto race.


Patricia Montez

Grace Cunard

Phil Kelly

Francis Ford

His Assistants

Pete Gerald

Jerry Ash

Mary MacLean

Gertrude Short

Robert Jackson, inventor

Leonard Clapman

Wallace Drew

Abe Mundon

Jack Elliot

Joe Moore

EPISODE No. 9 of the big serial "The Purple Mask," is called "A Strange Discovery."  The last chapter brought the Queen of the Apaches and the detective, Phil Kelly, to American on the same boat.  In this, Pat is found, surrounded by a devoted band of shrouded men who do her bidding, engaged in the same sort of Robin Hood tactics, with which she was occupied on the other side of the ocean.

While crossing the Atlantic, Pat had sent by wireless an order for the American Apaches to meet at her house on the morning Kelly had called to redeem the stolen pearls.  Her mysterious disappearance from the drawing-room where Kelly had expected to find her, was accounted for by her attendance upon the Apache meeting in a room, reached from the drawing-room by a secret passage.

Pat informed the members of her gang that she had been retained by Robert Jackson, wealthy manufacturer of high speed motors, to ferret out a plot against his commercial welfare that seemed to exist among his employees.  She delegated six of her men to find employment at the factory, and, having disguised herself as a man, Pat also became one of the workmen.  Numerous exciting incidents resulted.

Mary MacLean, niece of Robert Jackson, is heiress to his fortune and Wallace Drew is trying to gain her good graces with her prospective wealth in mind.  Pat becomes suspicious of Jack Elliott, superintendent of the factory, and advises Jackson to disappear, leaving the impression he has sailed for Europe.

Subsequently a cable is received that Jackson has died in London.  Through previous arrangement the reading of the will is accomplished, and when jack Elliott finds that the entire Jackson estate and fortune has been left to Mary MacLean, he becomes resentful.  In the hope of finding some way to break the will or cast doubt upon Jackson's death, Elliott engages Detective Kelly.  Finally it is established that Jackson did not die, and with the possibility of Miss MacLean being kept out of her fortune for an indefinite number of years, Drew joins forces with Elliott and becomes antagonistic to the Jackson interest.

Miss MacLean has entered a car, equipped with Jackson motors, in the Speedway Race for the Golden Cup.  Drew and Elliott determine to put the car out of commission, hoping thus to deny the Jackson motors the advertising they would secure in the event of Miss MacLean's car winning.  Pat discovers evidence of their conspiracy and determines to thwart them.

Convinced that she must first dispose of Kelly, the girl decoys him to her home and when he enters the house to investigate, traps him in an iron-walled compartment in the cellar, which has been built for the purposes the Apaches might have for it, and...

(The magazine says continued on page 34, but the rest of this article is missing from both page 34 and the rest of this magazine.)

with Grace Cunard, Francis Ford, and Jean Hathaway.  Directed by Grace Cunard and Francis Ford.  Universal.

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