Allerton Theatre, Independence, Iowa, June 1916

Program for the Allerton Theatre in Independence, Iowa, June 1916



Month of June

Program for the Allerton Theatre in Independence, Iowa, June 1916 


INDEPENDENCE -:- -:- -:- Iowa

Thurs. June 1 Pauline Frederick Bella Donna Paramount
Fri. June 2 Eternal City (Extra) Eternal City (Extra) Adm. 25c Paramount
Sat. June 3 Margaret (Marguerite) Courtot Dead or Alive Masterpicture
Mon. June 5 Theda Bara The Galley Slave Fox Attraction
Tues. June 6 Charles Cherry The Mummy and the Humming Bird Paramount
Wed. June 7 Willard Mack, Fatty Arbuckle Aloha Oe and The Village Scandal Triangle
Thurs. June 8 Lou Tellegen The Unknown Paramount
Fri. June 9 Mme. Petrova My Madonna Metro
Sat. June 10 Helen Rasson White Rosette Masterpicture
Mon. June 12 Robt. B. Mantell The Unfaithful Wife Fox Attraction
Tues. June 13 Edna Goodrich Armstrong's Wife Paramount
Wed. June 14 Katherine Kaelred, Fred Mace The Winged Idol & Crooked to the End Triangle
Thurs. June 15 Victor Moore Chimmie Faddon Out West Paramount
Fri. June 16 Emma Whelen Reckoning Metro
Sat. June 17 Gertrude Robinson As a Woman Sour Masterpicture
Mon. June 19 Dorothy Gree, Ralph Keliard Her Mother's Secret Fox Attraction
Tues. June 20 Dustin Farnum A Gentleman From Indiana Paramount
Wed. June 21 Mary Boland, Syd Chaplin The Edge of the Abyss, Submarine Pirate Triangle
Thurs. June 22 Margaret (Marguerite) Clark The Prince and the Pauper Paramount
Fri. June 23 Francis X. Bushman Pennington's Choice Metro
Sat. June 24 Crane Wilbur Vengeance is Mine Masterpicture
Mon. June 26 Wm. Farnum A Soldier's Oath Fox Attraction
Tues. June 27 Theodore Roberts Mr. Grey of Monte Carlo Paramount
Wed. June 28 Wm. S. Hart, Chester Conklin Between Men, Dizzie Heights (Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts) Triangle
Thurs. June 29 Greenwood and Grant Jane Paramount
Fri. June 30 Ethel Barrymore Final Judgement Metro
Sat. July 1 Gertrude Robinson The Drifter Masterpicture

Prices on Paramount, Triangle, Metro and Fox Attractions 5 and 15c. Masterpictures 5 and 10c

New Music Suggestions for Each Feature by our High Class Orchestra

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Masterpictures were from Mutual. This is definitely a small theater in a small town, as most of these films are from the year earlier, 1915. -- Bruce

Photo from BELLA DONNA (1915)

Herald and program from THE ETERNAL CITY (1915)



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