The Wise Guy (1926)

 Betty Compson  in THE WISE GUY (1926)

55-3 Unknown and Betty Compson.

The Wise Guy

Distributor: First National
Producer: First Natioal
Length: Undetermined


Mary Mary Astor
Guy Watson James Kirkwood
Hula Kate Betty Compson
Horace Palmer George F. Marion
Ma Palmer Mary Carr
The Bozo George F. Cooper

TYPE: Romantic melodrama.
THEE: Conversion of crooks.
LOCALE: Small American towns.
TIME: The present

STORY: The Wise Guy and his gang are a troupe of a medicine show dispansing drugs and at the same time picking pockets. The Wise Guy decides to become a traveling preacher and his gang become mission followers, still maintaining their side trade. The gang becomes tired of hypocrisy and refuse to continue, so the Wise Guy fools them by saying he, too, has become a believer. When Ma, one of the gang, dies the Wise Guy honestly prays and confesses to his congregation what a lying life he has led. He and a girl, also a gang member, go to jail and wait for each other.

HIGHLIGHTS: Wise Guy and gang as medicine troupe... Their change to mission followers...  Girl's entrance into gang... Wise Guy's confession to congregation... Scene in which girl and Wise Guy go to jail to wait for each other.

-- Exhibitor's Herald, June 6, 1926, p. 64

with James Kirkwood, Mary Astor, and Betty Compson.  Directed by Frank Lloyd.  First National.

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