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Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in TWO TARS (1928).

Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in Two Tars (1928).

  • December 2018. Added pages for The Black Pirate and I Do.
  • November 2018. Added page for Friend Husband and The Patsy. Added program for the Paramount Theatre, New York. Added photos for Till I Come Back to You, Nellie the Beautiful Cloak Model, The Eternal Three, and More Deadly Than the Male.
  • October 2018. Added pages for The Midnight Sun, Marie Ltd. and North of the Rio Grande. Added photo for Diamond Handcuffs. Added herald for Two Arabian Knights.
  • September 2018. Added program for Paxtonville Memorial Hall and the Lincoln and Grand theaters. Added photos for A Walk in the Sun and Of Human Bondage.
  • August 2018. Added pages for Sudan and Silk Stockings. Added photos for Sugar Daddies and So Big. Added herald for The Desert Flower.
  • July 2018. Added pages for Evil Under the Sun, The Soda Jerker, Builders of Castles, Ain't Love Grand?, Flirting With Love, Practically Yours and Till I Come Back to You. Added photos for The Big Parade and The Lady Vanishes. Added Carthay Circle Theater program for Street Angel.
  • June 2018. Added photos for The Man and the Moment and Synthetic Sin. Added pages for Woman on the Run and The Paliser Case.

  • May 2018. Added photo for The World's Great Snare and Synthetic Sin. Added pages for The McGuerins From Brooklyn, The Escape (1928), The Trouble With Wives, and Streets of Laredo. Added program for the St. Louis Loew's State Theatre.

  • April 2018. Added more Mephisto Waltz lobby cards. Added pages for A Quiet Street, Eve's Secret, Detective Story, The Tin Star, Bonds of Love and The Raspberry Romance. Added photo for My Best Girl. Added postcard for Clothes.
  • March 2018. Added pages for The Heart of a Follies Girl, Saturday Afternoon, and Hollywood Boulevard. Added herald for The Dawn of a Tomorrow. Added photo for Twinkletoes.

  • February 2018. Added pages for The Third Degree and The Mephisto Waltz. Added photos for Putting Pants on Phillip, Sleeping Fires, and Naughty But Nice.

  • January 2018. Added program for Tally's Broadway Theatre. Added lobby card for Dangerous Blondes. Added heralds for The Tender Hour and Lilac Time. Added pages for Turning the Tables, Miss Lulu Bett and Mr. Bride.

  • December 2017. Added Rudolph Valentino arcade cards. Added pages for On the Wrong Trek, Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley, The Dove, La Tempesta, The Woman God Changed, and A Regular Fellow (1919). Added photo for Fools Paradise.

  • November 2017. Added photos for Her Wild Oat, The Wall Flower and The Freshman. Added lobby card for Fort Worth. Added postcard for The Covered Wagon. Added Hoyburn Theater program. Added Ethel Corcoran photo.

  • October 2017. Added photos for Heart o' the Hills and Footlights and Fools. Added pages for Artist's Muddles, Life With Father and The Midshipman. Added page for the Pictureland Theatre.

  • September 2017. Added pages for Washington Theatre, Canton American, and Pastime Theatre programs. Added pages for Riders of the Purple Cows and The Battling Bellboy. Added photo for Happiness Ahead.

  • August 2017. Added page for 1934 Canton American Theatre. Added Big Parade, This is Heaven, Diamond Handcuffs, and Don't Call It Love photos.

  • July 2017. Added pages for Wild Horse Mesa, Flaming Youth, Grandma's Boy and Quality Street (1927).

  • June 2017. Added pages for A Woman's Triumph and It Must Be Love. Added photos for Twinkletoes and Orchids and Ermine. Added pages for the Canton American Theatre programs.

  • May 2017. Added Band Wagon, Twinkletoes, Sally (1925) and Wanted: Jane Turner photos. Added Rose o' the Sea lobby card. Added Saginaw Strand Theater programs. Added page for Human Desire.

  • April 2017. Added pages for The Spendthrift, Rawhide, Joan the Woman and Fort Worth. Added photo for Smiling Irish Eyes. Added two Saginaw Strand Theater programs.

  • March 2017. Added pages for His Busy Day, Hula, Hop the Devil's Brew, The No-Good Guy, Hold Your Breath and Alibi. Added photo for Diamond Handcuffs. Added lobby card for The Moonshine Trail.

  • February 2017. Added pages for Back Pay, A Princess of the Hills, Stripes and Gigi. Added photo for The Band Wagon.

  • January 2017. Added pages for The Barrier, Rose o' the Sea, The Blues Brothers, The Band Wagon, Honest Injun, Bullet Proof and Eyewitness. Added herald for The White Pearl. Added photo for The Wall Flower.

  • This web site went on-line March 1, 1999.

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