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Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in TWO TARS (1928).

Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in Two Tars (1928).

  • May 2020. Added pages for Partners in Crime, The Mystery Man, and The Little Diplomat. Added photos for Red Lights, The Hope Chest, Sensation Seekers, The Eternal Three and Fine Clothes.
  • April 2020. Added photos for The Love Mart, Block-Heads, The Bohemian Girl, A Chump at Oxford, and If I Marry Again. Added program for The Sheriff of Hope Eternal. Added pages for Bill Henry and The Heart of Youth.
  • March, 2020. Added programs for Loew's Grand theater and the New York Liberty Theatre. Added pages for David Copperfield and The Penalty. Added postacard for Arizona. Added Raymond Griffith news photo.
  • February 2020. Added arcade cards for It Must Be Love and The Thirteenth Hour. Added Broadway Theatre, Strand Theater and three Capitol Theater programs. Added photos for The Big Parade, Half a Bride and The Painted Angel.
  • January 2020. Added two programs for the State Theater in Deposit, NY. Added seven programs for the Wood/Rialto Theatres in Woodbury, New Jersey. Added Kinema Theatre program. Added Happy Hour Theatre program. Added Grand Theatre program. Added You'd Be Surprised and The Barker photos. Added page for The Wise Guy.
  • December 2019. Added pages for What Price Innocence?, Out of a Clear Sky and Common Ground. Added photo for Ladies Night in a Turkish Bath. Added program pages for Madeleine Cinema and the State Theater.
  • November 2019. Added photo for Ladies Night in a Turkish Bath. Added program for the Southington Colonial Theater. Added pages for Oliver Twist, Ghosts, and Feel My Pulse.
  • October 2019. Added photos for My Man Godfrey, Synthetic Sin and A Regular Fellow (He's a Prince!). Added pages for Womanhood: the Glory of the Nation, When Summer Comes, Stage Struck and Bow Wow.
  • September 2019. Added pages for The Honeymoon, Gimme Strength, Warning Shot and A Woman's Way. Added photo for The Night Club.
  • August 2019. Added photos for The Eternal Three, Fool's Paradise, and Fine Clothes. Added two souvenir stamps for The Goddess. Added pages for The Marionettes and Ladies Night in a Turkish Bath.
  • July 2019. Added pages for The Queen of Sheba, The Years of the Locust, A Son of Erin, Mary's Ankle and The Mating of Marcella. Added photo for The Big Parade.
  • June 2019. Added pages for The Charm School and Brotherly Love. Added postcard for Smiling Irish Eyes. Added photos for the 1936 and 1957 versions of My Man Godfrey and Success At Any Price. Added Pittsburg Loew's Aldine program.
  • May 2019. Added page for The Lovelorn and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Added photos for The Scarlet Letter and Speedy.  Added stamps of Universal actresses. Added Highland Theatre program.
  • April 2019. Added Colleen Moore photos. Added In the Bishop's Carriage herald. Added photos for The Eternal Three, The Big Clock and Wedding Bill$. Added page for The Primal Lure. Added Brady Palace/Brady Theater calendar.
  • March 2019. Added pages for The Gateway of the Moon, Legion of the Condemned, More Pay - Less Work, The Ghost Patrol, Arizona, The Beloved Brute, and Her Better Self. Added photos for The Black Pirate, Irene, Naughty But Nice, and A Kiss for Susie. Added sheet music for A Diamond From the Sky. Added Roxy Theater program.
  • February 2019. Added page for Don Q, Son of Zorro and A Change of Seasons. Added photos for Confessions of a Queen, The Night of Love, and The Dove. Added program for Loew's Kings Theater.
  • January, 2019. Added pages for Ducks and Drakes, Beyond the Rocks, and Married Flirts. Added photos for Tilll I Come Back to You, Nobody Home and Dangerous Blondes. Added herald for Happiness Ahead. Added program for the St. Louis Loew's State Theater.
  • This web site went on-line March 1, 1999.

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