Unidentified Film Stills

Click here to see stills from an unidentified Thanhouser film from the teens.


Unidentified still #1

This still was included in a group of Paramount films from 1916-1917.  The person in the center may be Wallace Reid, and the woman may be Cleo Ridgley.

Unidentified still #3

This still is also probably a Paramount still from 1916-1917.

Unidentified still #6

This beautiful still is also probably from 1916-1917, but it is not a Paramount still. "Fort Lee, N.J" is written on the back. The code at the bottom right is "7224A".

Unknown Universal Still

This still is almost certainly from a Universal production around 1917.  The still code "MCDERMOTT-2268", indicates that the director's last name was "McDermott".  Some still code lists show this as A WOMAN'S ONLY A WOMAN, but no film of that name was ever released.

Unidentified silent film photo

John Davidson on the ground.




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Last Modified December 28, 2017.