Where's the Fire (1921)

JIM (1914)

Moving Picture World, June 11, 1921, page 642

"Where's the Fire?"

This single reel Rolin Comedy featuring "Snub" Pollard does not measure up to the last few of this series.  While there is considerable action it does not seem to get anywhere.  "Snub" is the fire chief and his men are of the type of the old Keystone cops.  There is a wild chase and they follow the chief out to where he is fishing, when the fire gong is sounded, and all the time the fire is raging right in the fire house.  By the time they return it is practically destroyed.  The funniest piece of business is where the chief's buggy breaks down and loses a wheel.  All of the firemen get a long pole, place it under the buggy and run along to the fire holding up the vehicle.

Moving Picture World review of WHERE'S THE FIRE (1921) with Snub Pollard

with Snub Pollard and Marie Mosquini.  Directed by <unknown>.  Rolin/Pathé.

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