Two Mothers (1916)

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The Moving Picture World, May 27, 1916, page 23

"Two Mothers"


Story by I. A. R. Wyle
Scenario by Calder Johnstone
Produced by Lloyd Carleton


Richard Angus

Alfred Allen

Dick, his son

Gordon Griffith

Nina Angus, his Wife

Virginia Southern

Violetta Andree

Dorothy Davenport

Violetta's Second Husband

Emory Johns

THE boy was a twelve-year-old edition of his father.  The man was an invalid, and the boy's step-mother was an opera singer.  Everything depended upon her securing a contract with the Grand Opera Company.  When she returned home after the first trial, she told her husband that she had a rival -- a woman who could sing much better than she; and after the boy had gone to bed, she told her husband who the woman was.  Veroni, the rival singer, was no other than Violetta Andree, the first wife of Richard Angus and the mother of his boy Dick.

Late that evening, Violetta called upon Mrs. Angus, determine to have her boy back.  She offered the wife any inducement, even going so far as to promise not to sing, and thus permit the wife to secure the engagement; but the wife refused, believing all that her husband had told her of how the other woman had wrecked his life and left him with the boy.

But the woman told her side of the story -- of how the husband drank heavily, how she supported him for several years, and how the man came into her life who was now her husband, and of how her first husband had misunderstood their friendship.  But Mrs. Angus realized what she had done for the boy, the sacrifices she had made, and the evil influence his own mother would now have over him.

The next evening, inher dressing room, Violetta was surprised to receive a card from Mr. Richard Angus.  She instructed the call-boy to show him in.  A boy of twelve years, in an Eaton suit, stood before her.  She then learned that he was her son.  The boy plead for his mother; and slowly the woman drew the truth from him, realizing for the first time that the boy believed his own mother to be dead.  The lad showed her a worn and faded photograph of his mother -- her own picture when she was a young girl.  She bade him return to his mother, and to tell her that she would do all she could to help them.  When the boy was gone, she sent the manager word that she was ill and would not go on, and advised him to send for Nina Angus.

with Alfred Allen, Gordon Griffith, Virginia Southern, and Dorothy Davenport.  Directed by Lloyd Carleton.  Universal.

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