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William S. Hart in TUMBLEWEEDS (1925)


William S. Hart, Barbara Bedford, Lucien Littlefield, J. Gordon Russell, Richard R. Neill, Jack Murphy, Lillian Leighton, Gertrude Claire, George Marion, Capt. T. E. Duncan, James Gordon, Fred Gamble, Turner Savage, Monte Collins.

Story by Hal G. Evarts
Adapted for the screen by C. Gardner Sullivan
Directed by King Baggot

Big in Action   Big in Thrills

In everyway the biggest picture William S. Hart ever made. A realistic romance of the west by a man who knows the west, knows its ways and its people.  A heart story of the greatest land rush in history as thousands stampede for home sites in the famous Cherokee land strip.

History Told In Heart Throbs

William S. Hart in "Tumbleweeds"

History Recorded in Heart Throbs

The nations's greatest land rush, in which thousands join a wild stampede for homstead sites is reproduced before the motion picture camera in perfect and thrilling realism.

A Romantic Drama of the great west portrayed by the one man who really knows that vast territory, knows its people, their ways and the western code.

An Epic, Not Just A Cowboy Picture

(herald courtesy of Derek Boothroyd)

with William S. Hart, Barbara Bedford and Lucien Littlefield. Directed by King Baggot. William S. Hart / United Artitsts.

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