Trouble Enough (1916)

Pathé magazine press article on TROUBLE ENOUGH! (1916) with Jimmy Aubrey


American Comedy in One Reel
Featuring JAMES AUBREY as "Heinie"
For Release in Week Beginning May 1st   Produced by MITTENTHAL FILM CO.

Cood comedy, of the exaggerated slapstick variety, was seen yesterday at the _____ theatre when the Pathe one-reeler Trouble Enough was shown.

Our old friends Heine and Louis were featured and took their usual punishment in the most approved slapstick style. The picture kept moving from the first scene to the last and the laughs were generously sprinkled throughout.

The trouble starts when our heroes awake in their impovised (sic) scups, and Louis, acting on the principle "first up best fed," makes a raid on the morning's milk. Needless to say he meets with considerable opposition from Heinie, and the reultant "spilled milk" is something that less-hardened scoundrels might cry over. But Heinie and Louis have a little account to settle with the world which, according to them, is in their debt foa "lifing, (sic) and go out to make an adjustment.

Flossie Coughdrop, also out, is attacked by some roughs whom our heroes disperse. The boys are taken to Flossie's home where they are introduced to Floss' friend, and the four pair off in the usual sentimental way. Their sentiment is interrupted, however, by the college boy friends of the girls who are worsted by Heinie and Louis with the aid of a stuffed porcupine. That night, aided and abetted by other college boys, the two rah! rah! Johnnies kidnap the luckless swains, wrap them in the Ostermoor and drag them from the end of an automobile over many rough miles of road. After this things happen so quickly that the only way to enjoy it is to see it, for it is one of those nonsensical, delicious things that beggars description.

But don't miss it, because if you do you'll deprive yourself of some illegitimate laughs.

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-- Pathé Magazine, April 28, 1916, page 15

with James (Jimmy) Aubrey. Directed by <Unknown>. Mittenthal/Pathé.

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