The Tourist (1925)

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Glen Cavender, George Davis, and Johnny Arthur

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"The Tourist"
(Tuxedo-Educational -- Two Reels)
(Reviewed by Chester J. Smith)

THIS is the first of a series of Tuxedo comedies starring Johnny Arthur and if it is indicative of what is to follow the series should be a profitable one for all hands. By way of a change in these short comedies, here is one that tells a real story with some form of continuity and that does not side-track itself in interspersing an abundance of good comedy and gags. Both the gags and the comedy work into the story naturally.

William Goodrich has done a splendid job with the good story. Unfortunately there are not enough comedies of this type. There is a touch of melodrama to it, great quantities of comedy and enough suspense to keep the interest at a high pitch.

Johnny Arthur is the hero and Helen Foster the girl who save the house of Helen's parents after the discovery by a pair of crooks of the value of a well on the premises. There is a very humorous and at the same time exciting dash for the tax collectors office to meet the delinquent taxes and save the home. This race is between Johnny and Helen in a broken down flivver and the two crooks ina touring car. The former pair outwit the crooks and win the race despite the fact that the filvver winds up the chase without a motor.

The Cast

The Tourist Johnny Arthur
The Girl Helen Foster
The Mother Joy Winthrop
The Villain Glen Cavender
The Other Villain George Davis
A Tuxedo comedy written and directed by William Goodrich and photographed by Byron Houck.

The Story -- Johnny Arthur the tourist, picks up the girl walking back from an auto ride. Sheinvites him to dine with her folks. The pair of crooks are also dining there and discover the value of a well on the premesis. Helen's parents are warned that unless the taxes are paid that day the property will be forfeited. Johnny overhears the crooks plotting and with Helen in the flivver starts  for the tax office at the same time the crooks start in their touring car. Both machines meet with difficulties, with the flivver the eventual winner.

Classification -- A fast-moving comedy with a logical story, replete with humouous incidents and plenty of suspense.

Summary -- This is a comedy with an exceptionally good story that holds an even pace while the gags and situations are splendidly worked out. It is a well directed picture with a good cast and should prove a good attraction for almost any type of house.

-- Motion Picture News, August 15, 1925, page 821

with Johnny Arthur, Helen Foster, and Joy Winthrop. Directed by Roscoe Arbuckle (as William Goodrich). Tuxedo/Educational.

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