The Third Degree (1919)

Advertising herald for THE THIRD DEGREE (1919) with Alice Joyce

Albert E. Smith presents
CHARLES KLEIN'S Great Stage Success

Starting SUNDAY, June 8th (1919)


ANNIE SANDS, later Mrs. Howard Jeffries, Jr. - ALICE JOYCE
Howard Jeffries, Jr. - - - - - Gladden James
Howard Jeffries, Sr., multi-millionaire - - Anders Randolph
Mrs. Howard Jeffries, Sr. - - Mrs. De Wold Hopper (Hedda Hopper)
Robert Unerwood, a man of the world - - Herbert Evans
Captain Clinton, a police captain who swears by the third degree - Rogers Lytton
Richard Brewer, a corporation counsel - George Backus

Directed by TOM TERRISS

Howard is given the third degree.


Advertising herald for THE THIRD DEGREE (1919) with Alice Joyce

"You Must Find That Letter -- it means my husband's life!"

ANNIE SANDS, struggling blindly, hopelessly on, to free her husband from the shadow of death, finally glimpsed a ray of hope. Her husband languished in a prison cell -- in the eyes of the law he was a murderer. He had even confessed to the crime that he did not commit -- the result of the "persuasion" of Captain Clinton's third degree methods. One woman knew that the boy in the prison cell was guiltless of the death of robert Underwood.

That was the woman who had called on him the night that he committed suicide. And that woman was Mrs. Howard Jeffries, Sr. wife of a multi-millionaire, and -- thus does Fate spin its web -- step-mother of the doomed prisoner.

Trapped into the admission of her secret visit to the murdered man's apartments, her weakness shaed by the true womanhood of the poor, self-educated girl before her, she yet could not bring herself to bear the bitterness of discovery by her husband -- even though it freed that husband's innocent son.

But the woman's wit of Annie Sands, now Mrs. Howard Jeffries, Jr., found a way. She would risk her greatest possession, her good name, that the man she loved might life. In the screen adaption of this great stage success, Alice Joyce raises to hitherto unscaled heights of her notable dramatic career.

"You must find that letter, it means my husband's life!"

"So you were the woman who called at Underwood's rooms!"

"nnie discovers that her record of poverty has been looked up.

"I shall leave this house at once!"


with Alice Joyce, Gladden James and Hedda Hopper.  Directed by Tom Terriss.  Vitagraph.

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