Tangled Fates (1916)

Herald for TANGLED FATES (1916) with Alice Brady

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William A. Brady
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"Tangled Fates"

Herald for TANGLED FATES (1916) with Alice Brady and Arthur Ashley

Alice Brady

Herald for TANGLED FATES (1916) with Arthur Ashley and Alice Brady

"Tangled Fates"

RUTH LAWSON daughter of a narrow-minded and prominent member of the Morals Committee of a small town, is doscovered in her clandestine meetings with John Blake, a drummer. In order to save her from her father's wrath her elder sister, Jane, takes the disgrace upon herself and is driven from home. In the city she suffers many hardships. She meets and falls in love with George Rogers, the ne'er-dowell son of a wealthy merchant. They are married, but George soon tires of his wedded life and goes to Alaska to seek his fortune, where he forgets his home and Jane in the lure of wine, women and gold.

Jane meets Blake who falls in love with her, but she repulses him on account of his association with her past life. After many sacrifices, however, he proves his sincerity, and together they find peace in the knowledge of their true love.

with Alice Brady and Arthur Ashley. Directed by Travers Vale. World Film.

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