Should Husbands Marry? (1926)

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Eddie Quillan, Alice Day and Joe Young

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"Should Husbands Marry" -- Mack Sennett -- Pathe
Type of production... 2 reel comedy

Alice Day in meerely appearing in this picture, gives it most of its virtue; which is to say that her good looks is (sic) a joy to the beholder. In this case, Alice is a waitress in a restaurant owned by the husband of a women who strangles lions bare-handed. On the promise of promotion Alice to a big job in his little lunch room, the proprietor gets her to make in imprudent date with him at Lonesome Inn. While hs is pressing his tender expressions of regard, in steps friend wife, and then the race for life follows. While the story is smoothly worked out, it lacks the salt of sufficient gags or humorous situations to take it out of the commonplace as comedy. Eddie Quinlan, (sic) in support of Miss Day, Gets little or nothing to do to justify his character as a comedian. Its redeeming feature is its staging, showing the effective craftmanship of the Sennett shop and -- as stated already, and none the less emphatically -- the charm and good looks of the featured player, Alice Day.

-- Film Daily, October 17, 1926, p. 20

"Should Husbands Marry?"
(Pathe - Mack Sennett - Two Reels)
(Reviewed by Paul Thompson)

ALICE DAY is deservedly featured in this paradoxically named comedy. The answer is loudly and sweepingly -- "in many instances No No and then No" If the tendency is to philander especially if you have a lion-tamer for a wife and she is apt to discover a clandestine supper tete-a-tete with a younger woman by all means NO. There you have the plot of this latest Mack Sennett opus. Eddie Quillan is chief support for Miss Day under Eddie Cline's direction.
If you want the events leading up to the tragedy here they are: Eddie is a bus boy in a restaurant run by a flirtatious proprietor. The latter gets out of one scrape by pretending the head waitress he is holding in his lap on the arrival of friend wife has fainted. He shifts his affections to Eddie's girl-friend, Alice Day, who gets a position in his food shop. At a supper party at a road house the wife and the bus boy stumble onto the private dining room. Then the fireworks. Attempting to escape in an automobile the wife supposedly mortally wounds the husband. Eddie and Alice hot-foot it away but the fade-out shows the wife and husband in shadows on the wall doing a boxing and wrestling match.
It is banal but amusing.

- Motion Picture News, October 23, 1926, p. 1592

with Eddie Quillan, Alice Day, and Barney Hellum. Directed by Edward Cline. Mack Sennett/Pathé.

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