Manchu Love (1929)

S˘jin and Willie Fung in MANCHU LOVE (1929)

S˘jin (with the moustache and fan), Willie Fung at door

Excellent reports filter in from previews of "Manchu Love," which was directed by Elmer Clifton. It is the first American-made picture that boasts an all-Chinese cast. (Not really, as there are several earlier examples of American silent films with an all-Chinese cast. Also, S˘jin was Japanese.)

-- The Film Daily, January 29, 1929, page 8

Kalmus in N.Y. to Confer on New M-G-M Color Series

Dr. Herbert Kalmus, producer of the two-reel "Great Events" series and "The Viking" for M-G-M, is now in New York where he is conferring with M-G-M officials at the home office concerning future plans along the lines of color production. The newest M-G-M Tehnicolor film is "Manchu Love," now being directed by Elmer Clifton with Sojin, Etta Lee, Tetsu Komai, Al Chang, Gum Chun and James Leong in the cast.

-- Motion Picture News, February 2, 2929, page 354B

What the Picture Did For Me

MANCHU LOVE: A "Great Event" with Sojin and Etta Lee. As a spice for your regular picture fare, these Great Events live up to their name 100 per cent. Entertaining, instructive, novel, beautiful. And the price is within the reach of small theatres, too. This one has about the most gorgeous color I ever saw in a technicolor subject. Print nearly new and photography very clear, so that we got very nice results with Mazda projection. You and your patrons are missing something if you don't run some of these Two reels. -- O. B. Wolfe, Screenland theatre, Nevada, O. (Ohio) -- Small town patronage.

-- Exhibitors Herald-World, April 27, 1929, page 65

What the Picture Did For Me

GREAT EVENTS, 2. -- "Manchu Love" Good technicolor. Beautiful and clear. (L. F. Mestmaker, Star theatre, Moscow Mills. Mo. -- Small town patronage.)

-- Exhibitors Herald-World, June 1, 1929, page 65

What the Picture Did For Me

GREAT EVENTS, 2. -- "Manchu Love." Wonder color and artistic. Subject matter not cared for here. (C. S. Swiercinsky, Majestic theatre, Washington, Kan. -- General patronage.)

-- Exhibitors Herald-World, August 3, 1929, page 73


Technicolor Corporation, which made "The Viking" is to finance and produce for M-G-M release an all-Chinese feature called "Manchu Love." Elmer Clifton, returned recently from the Orient, will direct.

Cast will include Sojin, Etta Lee and Tzy Hai.

-- Variety, Wednesday, January 16, 1929, page 11

"Manchu Love" Third Title of M-G-M Second Great Events Series

It is announced that "Manchu Love" is to be the title of the third of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's second two-reel Great Events Series. This is to be a Chinese love story, and will be a story of historic interest. "Manchu Love" as have been all the releases of this series, will be produced in Technicolor.

No announcements of cast have yet been made, but William R. Neill, who has directed the previous subjects in this series, and who is responsible in addition for the direction of "The Viking," the full-length Technicolor production now in its fifth week at the Embassy Theatre, Broadway, at two dollars top, will again handle the megaphone.

-- Everyones, February 27, 1929, page 38

Everyones was an Austrailian trade magazine. By the time this was published, the cast was set and Elmer Clifton had already completed direction.

with S˘jin, Etta Lee, Tetsu Komai and Lee Ong. Directed by Elmer Clifton. Technicolor/MGM.

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