The Last Chapter (1914)

Carlyle Blackwell in THE LAST CHAPTER (1914)

Alliance Films Corporation presents


A Story of LOVE, Romance and Adventure
BY Richard Harding Davis

Produced by The Favorite Players Film Co.


Carlyle Blackwell in THE LAST CHAPTER (1914)



A Story of Love, Romance and Adventure 
by Richard Harding Davis

Produced by The Favorite Players Film Co.

Carlyle Blackwell in THE LAST CHAPTER (1914)


GORDON, a young war correspondent, after being wounded in the jungles of Africa, is picked up and taken back to England by James Egerton, a wealthy rubber magnate, who has been investigating conditions on his plantation, where there has been a great shortage in the year's yield. On the voyage homeward the correspondent and Egerton's daughter Allice fall in love.

In England Gordon finds in Lord Arbuthon a formidable rival for the hand of the girl he loves.

At this time an exploring expedition leaves England to find the Lost River, a stream supposed to exist in the interior of Africa.

Gordon views with great concern his titled rival's attention to Alice, and at the first opportunity asks her father's consent to their marriage. Egerton answers that he will never allow his daughter to marry a penniless man, but offers his daughter's hand and an interest in the business if he will go to Africa and successfully solve the mystery of the rubber shortage. Gordon leaves, and the farewell between himself and Alice is a promise that, come what may, she will wait for him; and this promise she seals by taking off a locket and chain, which she gives him as a pledge of her love.

He arrives in Africa, and after a series of thrilling adventures discovers that the overseer of the plantation has been selling rubber to coast traders and covering his dishonesty by manufacturing false statements about raids by outlaw bands. A fight follows in which the overseer is killed and the plantation settlement destroyed by fire. Gordon is wounded and barely escapes from a burning hut alive.

Outside he discovers a weather-stained map upon the body of a dead native showing that the Lost River has been discovered, but not by the exploring party.

Gordon struggles through the jungle, is found unconscious by the returning explorers, who have given up the search. When they see the map they hail him as Tracy, the discoverer of the Lost River. Here he learns that his rival has circulated reports that he died in the jungles, and that Alice is to become a nobleman's bride.

Gordon returns to London in disguise and is applauded by the public as a great explorer, and is about to give up Alice forever when Fate steps in.

Lord Arbuthton is killed in an accident. The returned lover hurries to the girl, divulges his identity and remind (sic) her of her pledge.

Egerton, true to his promise, makes Gordon a member of the firm, and shortly afterwards the bells are ringing for the young peoples' wedding.

with Carlyle Blackwell, Ruth Hartman, and John Sheehan. Directed by William Desmond Taylor. Favorite Players/Alliance.

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