Gussie the Graceful Lifeguard (1915)

GUSSIE THE GRACEFUL LIFEGUARD (1915) synopsis from Reel Life magazine, August 7, 1915

 From "Reel Life" magazine, August 7, 1915, page 12

ONE REEL          AUGUST 13, 1915

A Seashore Comedy, Starring Peggy Burke

Daisy, the cashier

Peggy Burke

Ted Jerrold

George Renevant

Tom, Daisy's Brother

Kenneth Clarindon

Charlotte Keen

Carey L. Hastings

Inn Keeper

George Welch

TED JERROLD, a young and extremely good-looking clerk, is enjoying himself at the seashort, when he receives world from his employer that his services will no longer be needed. Daisy, the pretty cashier at the hotel, suggests to the proprietor that Ted be taken on as a life guard. "The girls all lose their hearts to him," she says. "He'll pack your hotel to the roof." So it is arranged. Ted, as a matter of fact, cannot swim a stroke. Daisy's homely brother, Tom, had patrolled the beach alone formerly. Now his irresistable sister persuades him to co-operate in her scheme. "All you need do," she tells Ted, "is look handsome and save the old ladies and children who fall into shallow water. My brother will do the work." All goes well, until Ted, his head turned by the flattery of fair summer visitors, attaches himself to Miss Charlotte keen, a rich old maid. Daisy is incensed. She confides in her brother. Tom swims out under the boat in which Ted has taken Miss Keen for a row, and deftly upsets them. He then saves them both. Miss keen cannot forgive Ted for being an imposter. And he, seeing that lady's false hair float off in the water, also is sadly disillusioned. Expecting to be fired, he goes back shamefacedly to Daisy. But she tells him not to worry about losing his job. Then it dawns upon the young man that the little cashier is worth a whole beach full of summer girls.

with Peggy Burke, George Renevant and Kenneth Clarindon. Directed by Arthur Ellery. Falstaff/Thanhouser.

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