The Goose Girl (1915)

Jane Darwell in THE GOOSE GIRL (1919)

Jane Darwell (right)

Herald for THE GOOSE GIRL (1915) with Marguerite Clark

Paramount Pictures
Jesse L. Lasky Presents
(Courtesy Famous Players Film Co.)
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A Picturization of Harold McGrath's Most Famous Romantic Novel

Kansas City Feature Film Co., Gayety Theatre Building, Kansas City, Mo.
Owners of Exclusive Exhibition Rights in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

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Herald for THE GOOSE GIRL (1915) with Marguerite Clark

Paramount Pictures

A Drama of Love and Adventure in the Realms of Romance

King Frederick Meets the Goose Girl.

The Goose Girl Tellls the King How She Was Found in Gypsy Clothing.

King Frederick Defends the Goose Girl.

The Goose Girl Enthroned.

Produced by the Famous Players Film Co.
Adolph Zukor, Pres.

Herald for THE GOOSE GIRL (1915) with Marguerite Clark


Gretchen, the Goose Girl Marguerite Clark
King Frederick Monroe Salisbury
Prince Regent of Jugendheit Sidney Dean
Grand Duke of Ehrenstein E. N. Dunbar
Count von Herbeck James Neill
Von Wallenstein L. Payton
Carmichael P. E. Peters
Torpete H. B. C. Carpenter
Hans Ernest Joy
Gottfied J. M. Cassidy
Princess Hildegarde Miss Johnson
Irma Jane Darwell


COUNT VON HERBECK, the chancellor to the Grand Duke of Ehrenstein, is married but keeps the fact secret on account of his high ambitions. His wife, dying, writes him a letter urging him to make their little child a great lady. With this purpose in view, he arranges with Torpete, a gypsy, to abduct the daughter of the Grand Duke. He takes the coat, hat and locket belinginto to the little Princess and sends his own child away. During the abduction of the little Princess she is wounded on the shoulder by a bullet.

Fifteen years later Von Herbeck tells the Grand Duke that he has found the Princess, and produces the locket and coat in proof of the identity of the child. Meanwhile, the real Princess, after being abandoned by the gypsies, has been adopted by peasants and has grown up as a "Goose Girl."

At the same period, the young King Frederick of Jugendheit is officially betrothed to the Princess of Ehrenstein but does not wish to marry a woman he has never seen, or to put diplomatic necessity above love. He disguises himself as a vintner, meets the Goose Girl, rescues her from the insulting attentions of a vicious Count and longs to marry her.

When it seems impossible for the story to come to a happy conslusion the real identity of the Goose Girl is revealed through the bullet mark received when the gypsy stone her, and she takes her rightful place on the throne. This makes the marriage to the Princess of Ehrenstein the one thing in the world most to be desired by the King of Jugenheit, and everything ends happily after all.

"The Goose Girl" is founded on Harold McGrath's famous novel of the same name and is offered by arrangement with the publishers, the Bobbs-Merrill Company. Miss Marguerite Clark appears as the star through the courtesy of the Famous Players.

with Marguerite Clark, Monroe Salisbury and Jane Darwell. Directed by Frederick Thomson. Lasky/Paramount.

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