The Girl Across the Hall (1914)

JIM (1914)

Reel Life, June 13, 1914, page 12


A Stirring Romance by the Thanhouser Company

by Philip Lonergan

June 14, 1914


Jimm Kelly, a machinist

Harry BenhamLillian Gish

Eileen, his sister

Marion Fairbanks

Alice Donovan

Lila Hayward Chester

Mike, a loafer

Harry Marcks

Spike, his pal

John Lehnberg


Dave Kellerer

When "the girl across the hall" stood between him, in one of his tipsy rages, and Eileen, Jim Kelly was torn between dislike and admiration for his little sister's protector.  His feelings toward Alice Donovan became clearer to himself, however, after the brawl in the saloon.  He was badly beaten up, and Alice bathed and dressed his bleeding arm.  After that the world seemed different to Kelly.  As soon as he was over the wound he got a new position, left his old pals and started in to make good.

One evening Kelly heard a woman's frantic screams for help.  He burst into Alice's flat.  The two men in the room recognized "Kelly, the fighter," of old days, and the next instant they were laid sprawling on the floor.  The timely entrance of two policemen finished the job.

Eileen was sobbing hysterically in Alice's arms.  With her cheek resting on the child's tumbled hair, the girl looked up at Kelly.  The lookhe bent on her set her own gaze fluttering.  But her eyes came back to his.  And he knew he had made good.

with Harry Benham, Marion Fairbanks and Lila Hayward Chester.  Directed by <unknown>.  Thanhouser/Mutual.

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