Generous Customers (1910)

Film Index, November 5, 1910 synopsis of the Melies film BIRTHDAY CIGARS


"GENEROUS CUSTOMERS." -" Business is on the Fritz," nothing to do but complain and everything seems to be going to the "demnition bow-wows." "If things get much worse I'll close up," says the restauranteur to his waiter. "And I'll give up me job," says the water, "if I can't get any money out of the place."

What's that? It's a "Joy wagon" with a party of tourists; they're headed for the restaurant. Immediately the proprietor and the waiter hurriedly get a move on and hustle out to receive the guests who are soon conducted into the dining-room, served, dined and wined with alacrity that is almost magical.

The host and his waiter are all smiles and are astonished as well as pleased at the liberal way in which their customers order everything and anything. Not only do they feed well but they invite the proprietor and his assistant to partake of their wine; and soon everybody is in a jovial mood.

The Melies film GENEROUS CUSTOMERS (1910)

The proprietor present the bill to his customers and it is suggested that they blindfold the manager of the restaurant and the waiter, and the first one of the diners who is caught by them will have to pay the bill. The two men are much pleased with the idea and, after the handkerchiefs are tied over their eyes and while they are groping about the room, the customers all escape and make off in their automobile just as the proprietor and his assistant make a lively dash after the departing guests.

Gloom surrounds the refectory, and while the men of victuals are kicking themselves and denouncing each other, a messenger comes in with a note from the waggish patrons inclosing a check in payment for the dinner and a forty-dollar tip for the waiter.

Joy takes the place of gloom and the two happy men fall in fond ecstatic embrace in each other's arms.

From The Film Index, November 5, 1910, page 15. NOTE: This same synopsis is in The Moving Picture World, November 5, 1910, page 1066.

Film Index, November 5, 1910 ad for the Méliès film A MOUNTAIN WIFE, BIRTHDAY CIGARS and GENEROUS CUSTOMERS


NOV. 3, 1910
A comedy of an explosive box of cigars that makes the audience explode with laughter.

A comedy of surpassing merit.

Approximate Length 970 Feet

Nov. 10, 1910
A Drama of love and life of a mountain wife full of exciting episodes of danger and daring.

Approximate Length 980 Feet

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G. MELIES, 204 East 38th Street, New York City

NOTE: This film was produced in San Antonio, Texas. It was released on a split reel with Birthday Cigars (1910).

Unknown cast and crew. Melies / General Film.

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