A Dangerous Double (1917)


Moving Picture Weekly, February 17, 1917, page 28

Stuart Warren

Sidney Bracey

Prince Eric

Sidney Bracey

Marjorie Norwood

Slydell Dowling

Luella L'Estrange

Nellie Slattery

A Dangerous Double

Left - The girl and the reporter.

Right - The girl and the Prince.

Centre - The newspaper office.

IMP Drama in Two reels, written by Harry Dittmar and produced by Robert F. Hill.  The exciting tale of a foreign Princess, a Prince and an American reporter.

The remarkable resemblance between two men in opposite walks of life, and the complications which ensue when the one, a Prince of a small European principality, is mistaken for the other, a clever young newspaper man, is the central theme of this interesting Imp drama.  The story was written by Harry Dittmar and the production was made by Robert F. Hill, with Sidney Bracey and Sydell Dowling in the leads.  Both men play important roles in the life of a young girl, Marjorie Norweek, who has been educated in this country, but is in reality the daughter of a Balkan king.  The story, with this promising cast of characters is carried out in an exciting series of incidents, as follows:

In the reportorial rooms of a busy metropolitan daily, Stuart Warren, a cub reporter, reads in a newspaper that Marjorie Norwood, one of the popular graduates of Vassar, is reported to be betrothed to Prince Eric of Maurania.  On examining the map, he ascertains that Maurania is a small European principality, and rushes out of the office in the hope of securing a good story.  Warren finds Marjorie is closely guarded, but gains admission.  Owing to a striking resemblance, Marjorie takes him for her fiancé, but asks him why he is masquerading without his mustache.

Unaware that she takes him for the Prince, Warren requests an interview.  Thereupon, Marjorie denounces him as an imposter, and he is ignominiously ejected.

Several foreign-looking individuals pounce upon Wareen and force him into an auto, which speeds to a mansion on the outskirts of the city.  There hs is ushered into the presence of an assemblage.  Their leader addresses Warren as "Your Highness," and tells him that they regret being compelled to take forcible measures.

They then request Warren to sign a letter which reads: "My Queen, I am ill.  It is important that you come to me.  Accompany the bearer."  Warren refuses, and makes his escape.  The conspirators engage a lady of vampire proclivities, to embroil the Prince.

Meanwhile, Warren makes another attempt to reach Marjorie, and, finding the door of her apartment unguarded, he persuades her to give him an interview.  She tells him that the dying king of Maurania is surrounded by conspirators, who only await his death to declare a republic.  The aged m onarch could only trust a Prince named Eric, and dispatched him to American to Marry her and then return to ascend the throne.  Ever since they have been persecuted.  Marjorie doesn't tell him, however, that she herself is the King's daughter.

At the conspirators' headquarters, we see the Prince very much befuddled by wine.  The conspirators succeed in inducing him to sign the decoy letter.  Marjorie receives the letter, and goes at once to join Eric.  The conspirators, however, fail to force her to abdicate her rights to the throne of Maurania.  Warren, fearing for her safety, rushes in an automobile to her assistance.

The conspirators prevail on the Prince to feign death, in order to assist them in carrying out their plans.  They carry his supposed corpse into the room where they are holding Marjorie a captive, and tell her that further opposition on her part will lead to a similar fate.  Marjorie is about to sign her abdication when Warren breaks into the room, and holds up the conspirators.  Warren is compelled to shoot a guard in self-defense.  The chauffeur outside hears the shot, and rushes off for police assistance.  The police arrive, and after a vigorous fight, the conspirators are clubbed into submission, while Marjorie and Warren make their escape in the automobile.  Later we see Warren on board a steamer bidding a sentimental farewell to Marjorie.

with Sidney Bracey and Slydell Dowling.  Directed by Robert F. Hill.  IMP/Universal.

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