Black Gold (1928)

Advertising herald BLACK GOLD (1928) with Laurence Crier and Kathryn Boyd, showing at the Goldfield Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland

Norman Studios Presents
Black Gold





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Advertising herald BLACK GOLD (1928) with Laurence Crier and Kathryn Boyd, showing at the Goldfield Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland


Since Oil had been discovered on the Oklahoma Range, around the little town of Tatums, ranching had been abandoned. Mart Ashton, owner of the Bar Circle Ranch, was the newest victim of the Black Gold Fever. The oil drill was boring a hole to wealth or poverty, into which he had sunk all his cash and even sacrificed his fine herd of cattle to raise cash to sink the first well on his ranch. On an adjoining claim, the Ohio Company brings in a well and this forces Ashton to drill an offset well within 30 days or lose the permit to drill on his own ranch. Pete Barkley, Ashton's oil driller, refuses to drill further until his is paid $4,000. due him. Barkley is scheming with Walter Worder, Cashier of the Ranchmans National Bank to secure Ashton's permit by delaying work on his well. Ashton managers to borrow the money to force Barkley to continue drilling, but Worder and Barkley snare him in a plot and accuse him of robbing the bank. Ace Brand, Ashton's Foreman, knows he is innocent, but is unable to prove it. Alice Anderson, daughter of the President of the Ranchmans National, and in love with Ace, does everything in her power, to prove Ashtonn's innocence, but to no avail. With Ashton in jail, his well idle, and only 7 days left to bring it in, it is up to Ace, Alice and Peg Reynolds, the one legged cow hand on the Bar Circle to bring in the well secretly.

As to how they do this, through super-human effort, and without sleep for 48 hours, fighting a band of crooks -- only to discover it is a dry hole -- with apparently everything lost -- and Ashton in jail -- makes an absorbing story of action and thrills -- with a great surprise at the end when everything is cleared up.

Does Mart Ashton discover BLACK GOLD on his ranch?

Although this film was shot on location in Tatums, Oklahoma, the Norman Studio was based in Jacksonville, Florida. It specialized in "race" films featuring African-American casts that were shown in secregated neighborhoods. The buildings from the Norman Studio are stil standing today. The Norman Studio

with Laurence Criner, Kathryn Boyd, and Steve Reynolds. Directed by Richard Norman. Norman Film Manufacturing Company.

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