As In a Dream (1916)

Moving Picture Weekly article on AS IN A DREAM (1916) with Sydney Ayres

The Moving Picture Weekly, May 27, 1916, page 27

"As In A Dream"



Donald Robbins

Sydney Ayres

Elaine Cameron

Doris Pawn

Bruce Cameron

W.F. Canfield

Bronson Powers

Richard Sterling

Evelyn Wilson

Olive Golden

Mrs. Robbins

Nanine Wright

DONALD ROBBINS is a settlement worker in the slums.  Anong others whom he helps and cares for is Evelyn Wilson, a sweatshop worker., who has been ruined by Bronson Powers, a son of the idle rich.

Bronson Powers is the fiance of Elaine Cameron, daughter of the multi-millionaire factory and sweatshop owner, Bruce Cameron, a narrow-minded miserly man whose sole use for his immense wealth is endowing memorial libraries to perpetuate his own fame.

One day while Elaine, the money-master's daughter is out riding, she has a fall from her horse, which affects her memory.  She wanders into the slum district and after coming into contact with many dangers, is saved and cared for by Donald Robbins, who takes her into his home as he has done the unfortunate Evelyn.  Elaine goes to work in one of her own father's factories and helps with the support of the little family.

Meanwhile Cameron makes every effort to find his daughter.  Robbins sees in the paper the item referring to the mysterious disappearance of Elaine Cameron and confirms his suspicions that she  is the daughter of the oppressor of the laboring classes.  He is immediately moved to return her to her father, but then realizes tha God may have sent her into the slums for a purpose.  He and a committe wait upon Cameron in an endeavor to persuade him to withdraw the order for closing down his shops for two weeks and grant a fairer wage to his workers.  Cameron refuses, but offers to subscribe to a memorial library.  Angered, Robbins plans to play his trump card and under threat, forces Cameron to accompany him to the slums, where he shows the terrible conditions which are the result of his industrial cruelty and power.

Meanwhile, Bronson Powers has been attracted by the charms of Elaine, and not recognizing her in her new guise, coaxes her away with him.  Robbins plans to show Cameron his own daughter and her condition as a climax to his object lesson, but learns from Evelyn what has occurred.  He and Cameron break in upon Powers just as he is about to wrong his own fiancee, whom he does not recognize, being crazed with drink.  Cameron learns the truth and tries to get his daughter to return to him, after denouncing his intended son-in-law.  The girl has learned to love Robbins and refuses to leave him.  She and Robbins are finally married and make easier the burden of the laboring class.

with Sydney Ayres and Doris Pawn.  Directed by Carl Leviness.  Rex/Universal.

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