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Week of Jan. 1, 1917  Vol. 6  No. 4

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Vol. 6  No. 4.  JAN. 1 1917

Viola Dana

Viola Dana, the winsome young Metro star, has been appearing inpublic practically all her life. And that is not so very many years, either, as little Viola is but eighteen now, incidentally being the youngest legitimate star in the silent drama. She has proved a marvel since she began appearing in so many difficult roles in motion pictures, but before her advent into them she was known from coast to coast for her remarkable performance in "The Poor Little Rich Girl."

Miss Dana's first work in pictures was in "Molly, the Drummer Boy," with the Edison Company. It was an experiment, but it proved such a tremendous success that she was induced to sign a long-time contract with that company. Among some of the other big features in which she was starred are "The Slavery Student," "The Blind Fiddler," "The Stone Heart," "The Innocence of Ruth," and the role of "Thelma" in "The Portrait in the Attic."

Since she has been with Metro Miss Dana has been starred in "The Flower of No Man's Land," "The Light of Happiness" and "The Gates of Eden." She was born in Brooklyn and has lived in New York practically all her life. Two of her sisters are also in motion pictures, Edna Flugrath and Leonie Flugrath.


To all our patrons we wish a Happy New Year -- a year of prosperity, a year of enjoyment and happiness. We hope to see you here often and that you will like our pictures. We are going to do our best to provide you with the best of pictures and if the new year so far as pictures are concerned, is not a happy one, is won't be our fault. Again, a Happy new Year!

Thomas Ince, producer of the great spectacle, "Civilization," and director-in-chief of the Triangle-Kay-Bee Studio. Isn't he handsome, girls?

Kathleen Clifford is to abandon vaudeville and has accepted a three-year contract with Balboa. Miss Clifford will appear first in a big serial.

Our Own Movie Hints

If the bass drum annoys you, leave the theatre quietly.
When the fat woman steps on your feet in going to her seat, wear a broad smile.

Ludlow Rhodes, who left his home in Urbana, O., with a wardrobe trunk and a wrong-font derby, to seek fame and fortune in the movies has returned and is driving the Logan Hotel bus.

Telephones may come and go
With cost of living higher;
But never yet the movie show
Without the festive wire!

Letter writing is passe
Among the men of means
But notes are written any day
On motion picture screens!

Auto chases never known
Where life is surely rea;
Their popularity has grown
In movie play appeal!

She Ran Away

"When I was twelve years of age I arrivewd in New York City with a quarter in my pocket," said Miss Eugenia Besserer, Selig star actreaa. "I had run away from home and sought shelter with a former nurse. At an early age I studied the art of fancing and once was known as the champion lady fencer of the world. I have supported most of the stars in and out of pictures."

Max Linder of Essanay

He's a super-knut!
But that isn't an insult, however,
Transported across the Atlancic and then dissolved into a tounge we understand it means that he is a "for," a "dandy," and a "dude" all rolled into one and then multiplied by three.

That's Max Linder, the famous European comedian who has come to America at a record salary to make comedies for Essanay

In England a "knut" is the expression for a man constantly dressed in the height of fashion. Max brought forty-six trunks of clothes with him to America. His interpreter dryly explains that up to forty trunks a man is a "knut," but anything above that makes him a "super-knut."

George M. Cohan Takes Over Gum Factory

Yes, Geo. M Cohan's first exploit in the realm of motion pictures has been to take over a gum factory, namely, that of William J. Wischmann, in Brooklyn, N.Y. And his aim in this venture is not to improve the "breath of a nation," but to provide a few scenes for his first movie production, "Broadway Jones."

When Art's Demands Are Great

In one of the scenes of "Patria" Mr. Sills, who plays the part of Donald Parr of the United States army, raises a heavy flagstone that conceals the cntrance to a vault, where $100,000,000 is stored. When he lowered it again the stone, weithing sever hundred pounds, struck the end of his foot, wedging the point of the shoe between the movable stone and the adjoining solid one. Mr. Sills' great toe was broken and badly crushed. He was unable to walk for several days, but is at work again, although it is necessary for him to use a cane.

Palace Theatre program, White Plains, New York,  1917


Telephone White Plains 680

The Home of High Class Photoplays and Standard Vaudeville
Matinee Daily 2.45 P.M.   Admission 10c to all
Evening, 6.45 and 8.30   Admission 10c and 15c.
Change of Program Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

As we are anxious to keep our pations fully informed regarding our weekly program of feature every week, please leave your name and address with attendants or manager.

Monday and Tuesday, January 1 and 2
Triangle presents the prominent
In a five-act entertaining photoplay

People who think they don't like motion pictures, should see Mr. Fairbanks in this picture. If they derive no amusement from this merry farce-melodrama they are correct in supposing they are film blind.

"HAYSTACK AND STEEPLES", a two-act Keystone Comedy that is a sure grouch chaser.


Wednesday and Thursday, January 3 and 4

Mary Pickford
Less Than The Dust

A story about India, its wastes of sand and its struggle against the white man's rule. This great human story, through which a sprint of a girl moves in absorbing situations. Mary at her best. (Seven Acts.)

Friday and Saturday, January 5 and 6

Triangle-Kay Bee presents

A wholly "Different" Drama, Featuring

A vital, strong picture of undoubted charm and stirring mystery. A romantic presentation of the adventures of an unscrupulous explorer in the depths of the Brazilian forests.

"LADY DRUMMER" a two-act Sure Cure for the Blues, featuring the inimitable FAY TINCHER

Sunday, January 7

World Film Co. presents the eminent stars
In the great Broadway success, in five foreceful acts

There is always a battle raging between the real and false in us. But one day comes the crisis, and that we call "The Revolt."

And Other Photoplays

Program subject to change at the discretion of the management

Palace Theater Program, White Plains, NY

Do You Know --

RALPH KELLARD is now starring in the "Shielding Shadow," playing opposite dainty GRACE DARMOND.

Al W. Filson is an expert at billiards.
Tom Mix is a former U.S. Marshal.
Bessie Eyton designs and makes all her own hats.
Jack Richardson, "king of movie villains," is playing an important role in a Selig feature drama.

Bobby Connelly Goes Acrobating.

"Bobby Connelly is an Acrobat even though you may not know it. The little star did some neat acdrobating in "The Grand Duke", a forthcoming Blue Ribbon Vitagraph. And in one scene, where he was being chased on horseback, he became so interested in the act that he ran out of the scene, and it had to be takenover again. "Bobby" thought he was playing tab.

Viola Dana Will Send 10,000 Christmas Cards

Admirers of Viola Dana, the popular Metro star, who have asked her for photographs during the past year will receive Christmas cards personally inscribed by the actress. Miss Dana took a week's vacation after completing the Metro-Columbia feature "Threads of Fate," and the greater part of it was devoted to inscribing greetings on 10,000 Christmas cards.

Rolin Builds a Big Set

Hal Roach and Dwight Whiting of the Rolin Company, makers of Pathe's "Luke" comedies, breathed a sigh of relief last week and for the first time in days werw able to stick their heads outside of the studio. The cause of it all was a gigantic oriental set which towers far above the street and runs back nearly a full block. In building it they were able to make use of some massive stone steps, the former entrance to a large private house, which burned down years ago. The set required carloads of lumber, and now that it is build would make a bood Billy Sunday tabernacle. Harold Lloyd stars in the comedy which is a two-reeler.

Poor Earle Williams.

If you were in the grip of a severe cold, and were within an ace of the operating table, and somebody thought you were dead, and sent you a huge funeral wreath, how would you feel? If you are not sure, ask Earle Williams. It happened to him. However, if you want to keep his friendship don't ask him.


Interest in the "WHO WILL BE FLO?" contest continues to grow. Of the many entrants, only 50 ladies and 50 gentlemen will be in the cast, and those that are successful will see themselves on the screen as they see Mary Pickford, Francis X. Bushman, Charlie Chaplin, and other well known stars. This opportunity comes but seldom and affords everyone with pantomimic ability a chance to win fame in the pictures.

Moving Pictres Offer a Fortune for the Ambitious Man and Women. They also allow liberally for originality and individuality. Therefore you who have long envied the screen actors and aspired to emulate them, here is your opportunity to take the initial step.

Here Is Your Chance to Prove to Your Own Satisfaction and That of the Motion Picture World Your Possibilities as a Star:


Start today, fill in the coupon in this program, write your name or the name of a friend onit and mail it to Contest Manager. This theatre will issue a Voting Coupon iwth every admission. ASK FOR THEM.


Scenario Contest open to Non-professionals only. Story must not be over 500 words. Just give a good plot. Mail all stories to Scenario Editor, Palace Players, 645 West 43d St., N.Y.

Send in YOUR COUPONS at once.



I Hereby Cast 10 Votes for

NAME .........................
ADDRESS .........................
THEATRE .........................

Any lady or gentleman may enter. The cast will consist of 50 ladies and 50 gentlemen. A handsome salary for the winners. An opportunity for a position with a movie concern if you qualify. Anyone with stage or screen experience not eligible. Anyone connected with this theatre not eligible. All coupons must be mailed to Contest Mgr., Palace Players Film Corp., 645 West 43rd St., N.Y.


Palace Theater Program, White Plains, NY

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