Opera House, Washington Indiana - January, 1913

Washington Opera House postcard, 1915
Postmarked: Washington, Indiana, January 22, 1913 7:30 a.m.

Miss Dorothy Vollmer

708 Center (Street), City

Washington, Opera House 1915 postcard

Opera House Tonight

The Palmer Bros. (Grand)

Present in addition to the all feature program of pictures, the Dillard Orchestra (8 Pieces) in special orchestra program.


MAURICE COSTELLO in "Adventures of a Thumb Print."
G.M. ANDERSON in Essanay's "Broncho Billy's Pal."
BESSIE LEARN in the Edison comedy "Madame De Mode."
NIAGARA FALLS a marvelous pictre. Never before exhibited in this city.  New.
BUSTER ROSWELL in Lubin special "Buster and the Pirates."
DARJEELING INDIA moving picture travelogue.  Lectured.
"NEVER AGAIN." Made for fun only.
"TWO GUN SERMON" a picture with the "punch."


Doors Open 6:30.          Children 5 Cents.
Continuous Performance.

NOTES: That is a photo of Maurice Costello on the left.  This was definitely a "licensed" theater only showing films from the "General Films" patent trust.  Apparently the theater mailed out these advertising postcards.

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