Theato (5th Street) Theatre, Richmond, Virginia, USA - December 25, 1916

Theato Theatre program, Richmond, Virginia, December 25, 1917


Cor. 5th and Broad Sts.     Open 9:30 Every Morning
Other Good pictures Each Day

Monday, December 25th
"April" 5-part Mutual Masterpicture with Helen Rossone
"Almost Right" Cub Comedy with Billie Armstrong

Tuesday, December 26th
"For Her Good name" 2 reels with Crane Wilbur
"The Taking of Luke McVane" with Wm. S. Hart
Vogue comedy.

Wednesday, December 27th
"The Iron Claw" with Pearl White and Creighton Hale.
"The Way of Patience" 3-reel Essanay with Richard Travers and Marguerite Clayton.
Vitagraph comedy.

Thursday, December 28th
"The Chorus Girl and the Kid" 3-reel Knickerbocker with marie Empress.
"Borrowed Sunshine" 2-reel Essanay with Richard Travers and Marguerite Clayton
Vitagraph comedy.

Friday, December 29th
"His Moral Code" 3-reel Essanay with Lillian Drew and E.H. Calvert
"The Gate of Death" -- Hazards of Helen
Tom Mix in "Tom's Sacrifice"
Vim Comedy

Saturday, December 30th
"The Girl From Frisco" with Marin Sais and True Boardman.
Vim Comedy
"A Tale of the Wilderness" with Dorothy Bernard.
"The Mud Cure" -- Ham comedy.

A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

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Crane Wilbur theater advertisement card

Crane Wilbur

Mr Wilbur is of the romantic type of screen artist and with gracious manner and handsome face he has succeeded in raylying to his banner a multitudinous host of photoplay-goers -- especially those of the fair sex -- throughout the length and breadth of the land.

Cahill-Igoe Company, Chicago, Publishers

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