The Rebellion of Kitty Bell (1914)

JIM (1914)

Reel Life, June 13, 1914, page 12

A Majestic Drama with a Cool-Headed Hero.

by George Pattullo

June 14, 1914


Kitty Bell

Lillian Gish

Joe, her husband

Robert Harron

Bud Parker

Raoul A. Walsh

Hers was simply the case of many a young woman, married to a busy man of few words.  But Kitty Bell thought herself the most neglected wife in the state of Texas.  Perker knew what was the matter with Kitty.  And he knew how to feed the fires of her resentment.  It was sweet to be reminded by a good-looking young man that she still was fair in somebody's eyes.  Parker soon had her thinking that she was wasted on that unromantic plodding husband of hers.

JIM (1914)

Joe Bell went to Galveston on a business trip.  The day he returned, a neighbor informed him that Parker and Kitty had just driven toward the railroad depot.

"I went a piece with them, " he answered carelessly, "but had to come back.  We're all going over to Fairview to a wedding."

At the depot there were no signs of Parker or his wife.  The station master told him that they had gone over to the hotel parlor to wait.

"We're all going down to Fairview to a wedding," remarked Bellas he sauntered across the inn.

Kitty and Parker had been arguing.  Her cheeks were flushed.  When her husband came in, her big eyes caught his and stayed wide and fixed, like a frightened child's.

"We're going to take the first train for Fairview," he said resolutely and pleasantly.  "We're booked for a wedding down there -- understand?"

Parker writhed.  But a flash from Joe's blue eyes found him hastily complying.  An hour later they were seen to board the train.  Late that evening they drove back to the ranch.  At the gate, Bell gave Parker his orders.  He turned on his heel and slouched off into the darkness.

Alone together, Bell faced his wife.

"Kitty dear -- why ever in the world did you --?"

She flung herself on his neck, sobbing out broken words.  Cruelty!  Neglect!  Their love dead!  Then it came over him.

"Why!" he wonderingly whispered, drawing her closer, "You're just the same little girl I married -- not a mite changed -- Kitty, dear!"

with Lillian Gish, Robert Harron and Raoul Walsh.  Directed by Christy Cabanne.  Majestic/Mutual.

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