Open House (1926)

Lobby card for OPEN HOUSE (1926) with Lucille Hutton, George Davis, and Johnny Arthur

Tuxedo Comedies          "OPEN HOUSE"
"Thanks lady, I'll give your husband one of mine."

Educational Pictures "The Spice of the Program"

Lucille Hutton, George Davis, and Johnny Arthur

lobby card

"Open House"
(Educational-Tuxedo -- Two Reels)
(Reviewed by Paul Thompson)

ALL aphorisms, maxims and truisms should be taken with a grain of salt. To prove the truth in the case of "Charity Begins at Home" is the motive or moral, or what you will of this Educational comedy. Friend wife (Lucille Hutton) insists upon her husband sharing her charitable activities. She takes him with her on an expedition to succor some people in the poor quarter of town. Escaping from there the husband (Johnny Arthur) returns to his own home to find it filled with tramps whom his wife has invited as week-end guests. Every part of the house, even to the bathroom is filled with the invaders. For to flee, the husband decides to teach her a lesson. He corrals all the animals he can, including a cow, donkey, elephant with geese and other birds thrown in for good measure and brings or has them sent to his home. The hobo contingent naturally are ousted and the wife made to see the error of her ways. The so-called and usually actual lesser half of the family is carrying out to the utmost the "Be Kind of Animals" week slogan, even surrendering his own bed to a complacent cow-guest. The comedy shows what an infinitude of trouble a company, director and players will go to to create scenes that will strike the spectators as amusing. Donna Barrell wrote the piece which was directed by Charles Lamont. Jack White, who supervises, supplements Mr. Arthur and Miss Hutton in the cast.

-- Motion Picture News, September 4, 1926, page 867

with Johnny Arthur, Lucille Hutton and George Davis. Directed by Charles Lamont. Tuxedo/Educational.

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