Aoi Kwan Movie Hall (Aoi Kan Theater), Tokyo, Japan - May 17, 1920

Aoi Kwan Theatre program, May 17, 1919 or 1920

by R. Cecil Smith
Supervision of THOMAS H. INCE


The Story and Players

Allaine Grandet (Dorothy Dalton), a daughter of the Canadian wilds, is given in marriage by her father to Jules Latour (William Conklin), a trapper in whom brute passions always predominate. For money and liquor he turns her over to Dermont (Melbourne MacDowell), proprietor of the dance hall, gambling den and saloon in the settlement. Here she encounters Harley Dane (Thnrston [Thurston] Hall), erstwhile gentlemen, now only a poor imitation of a human being. He plays the piano in the dance hall. A trapper fresh from the wilds offers to gamble with Dermont for Allaine. He wins . Allaine in her struggles to free herself from him pushes him through a railing around the balcony and he falls to his death. Subsequently when she sees Dane mistreated by Dermont she gives up her job and cares for him, eventually restorin him to health. He tells of his love for her and declares his intentionof first going back to his people and making a success of himself before sending for her. Her marriage to Juler is the stumbling block. Allaine goes to Dermont and asks for a team of dogs for Dane, promising to give anything in return. Dermont is moved by her great love for Dane and grants her request unconditionally. And soon afterwards the body of Jules is found forzen (sic) in the snow and Allaine departs with Dane.


Aoi Kwan Theatre program, May 17, 1919 or 1920


Written and Scenaries by Ouida Bergere
Directed by George Fitzmaurice

The Cast

Loyette MervalFannie Ward
Willard StandishLewis J. Cody
Henry LaurensChas. H. Mailes


Loyette Merval was a gay butterfly of the Paris social whirl. Surrounded by sycophants, she gave no heed to the sterner things of life. All she lived for was to satisfy her own vain-glorious self. But came the call to the colors and when the youth of France marched away amoung the ranks were Willard Standish the American husband of Loyette. And deprived of his love and companionship she hastened to do her bit. Frivolities were forgotten. Duty called and she obeyed.

The two lovers were caught within the German advance and their lives might have been spared but that Loyette learned that her own people were endangered through a plan of the enemy. Frustrating their dasterdly plot Loyette was summarily dealt with. And over the Great Divide her soul called to willard -- "Oh! that we could live our lives again now that we have found each other." And so the martyred souls were saved from indulgences and vanitites.

Aoi Kwan Theatre program, May 17, 1919 or 1920


Vol IV
No. 143


From May 17th to 23rd
Continuous Daily at 5.30 p.m.

Pathe Rolin Film
Harold Lloyd in

Lasky Film
Mae Murray in
in 5 Acts

Paramount Film
Dorothy Dalton in
in 5 Parts

Aoi-Kwan Orchestra
"Poet and Peasant"

Pathe (Pathe) Film
Fannie Ward in
in Five Reels

Aoi Kwan Theatre program, May 17, 1919 or 1920

Aoi Kwan Theatre program, May 17, 1919 or 1920

Aoi Kwan Theatre program, May 17, 1919 or 1920

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