Inspiration (1915)

Advertising herald for INSPIRATION (1915) with Audrey Munson

Edwin Thanhouser presents Audrey Munson

The Most Famous Art Model in the World

In the Five Act Mutual Masterpicture INSPIRATION

Audrey Munson, Star of INSPIRATION


Jan. 19, 20th  Wed. & Thurs. (1916)

Price 15 cents

Cast of Inspiration

The Model

Audrey Munson

The Artist

Thomas A. Curran

The Artist's Friends

George Marlo

Bery Delaney

Advertising herald for INSPIRATION (1915) with Audrey Munson

INSPIRATION The Daring Romance of An Artist's Model



Tells of the wonderful adventures of a country girl -- adrift in a great city -- who overcomes every obstacle and becomes the most famous model in the world.

AUDREY MUNSON Was selected from hundreds of beautiful women to post for the official statuary of the Panama Exposition, the central figure on the Maine Monument in Central Park, New Yor, and other famous sculpture.

with Audrey Munson, Thomas Curran and George Marlo. Directed by George Foster Platt. Mutual/Thanhouser.

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