Hop, The Devil's Brew (1916)

Advertising herald for HOP, THE DEVIL'S BREW (1916)

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"HOP" "The Devil's Brew"

By the famous Saturday Evening Post Author RUFUS STEELE

with Lois Weber and Phillips Smalley


Thursday, June 29 (1916)
One Show 8:15
Admission 15 cents
Children 10 cents
Dancing from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.  Tickets 50 cents.
Coming -- "The Battle Cry of Peace"

Synopsis of The Play

"Hop, The Devil's Brew"

Ward Jansen Phillips Smalley
Lydia Jansen Lois Weber
Jane Leech Marie Walcamp
Bill Waters C. Norman Hammond
Con Leach Juan De La Cruz

Phillips Smalley and Lois Weber never lent their talents to a more dramatic subject than that treated in the Bluebird feature, "Hop, the Devil's Brew," written especially for them by Rufus Steele, the noted American author, with the assistance of the U. S. customs authorities.

Lydia Jansen is a faithful and loving wife. Unknown to her husband, a customs inspector, she has become addicted to smoking opium. In the parlance of the underworld, this devil's brew is called "hop." Her own father, a politician, is the head of an opium importing gang, which is the principal medium whereby the addicts obtained their supply of opium.

Lydia's craving for the drug is so great, and her desire to conceal the habit from her husband so strong, that she is embroiled in a serias of blackmailing attempts by her maid, who is affianced to the stevedore through whom most of the opium is landed from the vessels by which it is smuggled. Her attempts to satisfy her craving for hop, at a time when the government is closing in upon the smugglers, excites her husband's suspicion, and of course he thinks another man has entered her life, and it is only through an almost superhuman exercise of will power that she finds the strength to conquer her appetite and confess to her husband the terrible habit which she had formed, and thus relieving the terrible suspicion which had grown like a haunting nightmare into his very life. The shock of finding that he himself had contributed to his own daughter's downfall causes the father's suicide and the capture of the entire opium smuggling gang.

Advertising herald for HOP, THE DEVIL'S BREW (1916) with Phillips Smalley and Lois Weber

"HOP" "The Devil's Brew"


Being a dramatic portrayal of the Secret Methods of the Opium Traffic

Smuggling Scenes and work of the U. S. Secret Service officials produced under the Supervision of United States Government Officials

with Phillips Smalley, Lois Wilson and Marie Walcamp. Directed by Phillips Smalley and Lois Weber. Universal.

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