Harriet and the Piper (1920)

Anita Stewart in HARRIET AND THE PIPER (1920)

Louis B. Mayer Presents

By Kathleen Norris
Directed by Betram Bracken



Harriet Field


Royal Blondin

Ward Crane

Anthony Pope

Irving Cummings

Ward Carter

Byron Munsen

Richard Carter

Charles Richman

Isabelle Carter

Myrtle Stedman

Nina Carter

Margaret Landis

Tam-O-Shanter Girl

Barbara Dreley

Madame Carter

Loyola O'Connor


Harriet Field tires of life in small town (sic) goes to New York and joins the Bohemian Colony of Greenwich Village. She meets Royal Blondin, a wealthy indolent son of society and accepts his proposal of a free love marriage. The ceremony is performed in one of the village cafes.

Eight years elapse and Harriet is employed as a secretary to Richard Carter, multi-millionaire, at his Long Island home. Royal Blondin is now lecturing on Hindoo philosophy, a social fad gleamed from a trip to the Orient. Blondin is anxious to marry Nina, the young daughter of Richard Carter.

Carter's wife deserts him for a young and handsome admirer, but is killed in a motor accident in Italy. Realizing the necessity for having a woman at the head of his house, Carter proposes marriage to Harriet.

Meanwhile, Blondin, worried by a dark visaged man in the garb of a Hindoo who constantly follows him, presses his claim for the hand of Nina, but in an exciting scene in the library of the mansion, he is denounced by Harriet, and in turn tells Carter of his wife's past.

Carter pays Blondin handsomely to forget Nina, but he accepts the money and decides to marry Nina despite the bribe. Just as they are entering an awaiting motor car, the Hindoo, who has been trailing Blondon, comes into view__________________

The climax of this absorbing drama pulsates with the blood of the Orient.

Anita Stewart in HARRIET AND THE PIPER (1920)

She who dances must pay the Piper.

A diverting drama of Harriet Field who sought to be free fromt eh shackles of convention. As a girl who is awakened from her dreamy waltz through lif Anita Stewart brongs an unparalleled piece of artistry into her latest First National Attraction.

The Confession

Harriet Felt That He Selected An Appropriate Costume

The Toast to Harriet's Free Love Marriage

Harriet Is Threatened With Exposure

The Call of the Piper

with Anita Stewart, Ward Crane and Irving Cummings. Directed by Bertram Bracken. First National.

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