Gem Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - January 15, 1917

Gem Theatre, unknown location, January 15, 1917 program with Marguerite Clark
Marguerite Clark

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Gem Theatre, unknown location, January 15, 1917 program

Gem Theatre
Programme for Week of January 15th -- 20th

Monday, January 15th
"The Little Liar"
Featuring Mae marsh and Robert Harron.

A little girl with an abnormal imagination pictures herself in strange situations and isn't backward in telling about them. Of course she decieves no one and everybody knows her to be an inveterate little liar. She gets into a lot of trouble, as a matter of fact. The story closes with a smashing climax.

Tuesday, January 16th
"The Weakness of Strength"
Presenting the dramatic star Edmund Breese.

Many of the scenes of this picture were taken in the pine woods of Maine and on the Penobscot river. Country and city life are contrasted. A gigantic log-jam is shown together with the details of shipbuilding. The love story is dramatic.

Wednesday, January 17th
"The Year of the Locust"
Featuring the versatile Fannie Ward.

It's a drama, dealing with new York and the South African diamond fields. The story has to do with a woman who was wedded to a swindling stock-broker whose rum is eventually accomplished and he commits (?) suicide. His wife marries the man she really loves when lo! her first husband appears.

Thursday, January 18th
"The Sunbeam"
Presenting the bewitching little star Mabel Talliaferro (sic)

Contrasts of vice and virtue, wealth and poverty are to be found in this picture. The working of a great candy factory is shown and with the poverty of the employees is shown the luxury of the home of the owner. Children figure in a great scene where the tenement kiddies do justice to a banquet.

Friday, January 19th
"Miss George Washington"
Featuring Marguerite Clark, the Dainty.When caught by your parents in a compromising situation with your school chum and a strange young man, introduce the chum and the youth as husband and wife and the difficulty vanishes into thin air! Give the yarn the proper garnishment and then await the result. Observe the consequences in this hilarious and smile-provoking picture.

Saturday, January 20th
"Liberty" --- Chapter 17

Also a side-splitting, button-bursting
Keystone Komedy

Photos from YEARS OF THE LOCUST (1917)

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There were three Gem Theatres in Philadelphia, although one was a nickelodeon that had already closed by 1917.

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