Ford Sterling

Ford Sterling postcard

FORD STERLING (of the Keystone Co.)

Ford Sterling postcard


Thursday night is Photoplayers' Night at the Garrick, 8th and Broadway, and on this night leading motion picture stars appear on the stage -- and souvenir photos of the srtists that appear are presented to Garrick patrons.

Start your collection now; and add to it every Thursday.

Programme changes Mondays and Thursdays.

447 Lake Place, Los Angeles, Cal.

Mr. Ryan - please forward any mail for us to above address -- We are living out-here now -- We love summer weather, but -- I like a City beat.  Go see the boy in pictures at City Square Theatrs (sic) the Keystone picture show there.  Twice week.  Kind Regards to all.

Mr. M. L. Stich

Mr. Ryan, Post Master

Southfield, New Jersey

NOTE: This postcard was postmarked at 4 p.m. on March 17, 1915 in Los Angeles, California.  Ford Sterling biographer Wendy Warwick White has confirmed that this postcard was sent by Mary Stich, Ford Sterling's mother.

Ford Sterling postcard

Ford Sterling
That Komical Kuss
Appearing Exclusively in Universal Moving Pictures

Universal Moving Pictures

A.S. Spiegel's Patents, Series B.  G. Felsenthal & Co., Chicago, Sole Mfrs.

(This postcard has three different Ford Sterling expressions. By moving the tab on the right, it moves the lines on the screen slightly, revealing a different expression.  Although not postmarked, Ford Sterling only worked at Universal for a few months in 1914, so the card is probably from that year.)

Ford Sterling postcard

Dear Mary,

I am so sorry you are sick but hope you are getting better now and will soon be well. I was in a dialogue at an entertainment last night also sang and helped with a duet. It rained so hard there was not a very big crowd. It is raining this morning. I hope you will have lots of fun with this picture! He makes so many funny faces.

Love to you from Aunt Ella

Mary Phillips

(This postcard was never stamped or postmarked. Since it has a message on the back, I suspect that it was sent in an envelope, possibly to protect the front of the postcard.)

Ford Sterling postcard

Here's how the postcard works.  There are three different images of Ford Sterling making faces.  Each one is separated into different lines that repeat the same photo every third line.  The front "window" determines which expression we will see.

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