Dolores Costello

Dolores Costello Publicity Photo for SECOND CHOICE. 

The back of this photo says: "Lovely Dolores Costello, who in private life is Mrs. John Barrymore, will soon be seen in Warner Brots. Vitaphone special, SECOND CHOICE in which Chester Morris is her leading man."

Helene Costello and Dolores Costello publicity photo

Caption: By lending their charms to Warner Bros. pictures, Helene and Dolores Costello, daughters of Maurice Costello, the first screen idol, are carrying on the family tradition of nation-wide popularity with American film fans.

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Dolores Costello in WHEN A MAN LOVES (1927)

Dolores Costello in GLORIOUS BETSY (1928)

Dolores Costello in OLD SAN FRANCISCO (1928)

Dolores Costello in NOAH'S ARK (1929)

Dolores Costello in MADONNA OF AVENUE A (1929)

Dolores Costello in SECOND CHOICE (1930)

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Helene Costello in WET PAINT (1926)




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