Caught in the End (1917)

Ben Turpin in CAUGHT IN THE END (1917) review

Reel Life, May 05, 1917, page 5


Vogue-Mutual  -- Two Reel Comedy -- Featuring Ben Turpin

Ben Turpin, president of the Union Square Fishball Company, has a very jealous wife.  Ben is a bit of a flirt.  Lennie, Ben's wife, is suspicious.  Art Currier, friend of the family, induces Linnie to put her money into oatmeal stock.  Currier and Ben's stenographer are sweethearts.  They inject much complication into the plot.  Linnie's oat stock goes to smash and she falls into Currier's arms in a faint.  Ben catches her at it and the plot progresses merrily to a windup with all parties reconciled via the roundabout route.

with Ben Turpin and Art Currier.  Directed by Robin Williamson.  Vogue/Mutual.

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