Black Oxen (1923)

Herald for BLACK OXEN (1923) with Corinne Griffith and Conway Tearle

Gertrude Atherton's Sensational News

Directed by FRANK LLOYD

A First National Picture

"Could you ever stand what people will say?
Could you love me, knowing I am twice your age?"

Conway Tearle as "Clavering,"
brilliant journalist, who fell in love with the rejuvenated Mary.

Mary Ogden, the woman who found the secret of eternal youth and love.

"Black Oxen" has been read by millions. Many millions more will see the drama of a woman of another generation, who became yound again and lived to fool the world, but not her own heart or mind.

(Presented by Frank Lloyd Productions)

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Herald for BLACK OXEN (1923) with Corinne Griffith and Conway Tearle

Society gasped! How was the Mary Ogden of their youth -- a women of 60 -- transformed.

"And now that you know me to be a woman of 60, do you think you'd love me forever?"

Meeting her girlhood friends, all old women now, and she still as young as 40 years ago.

"I don't care what you are -- what the world thinks -- I love you --"

Just as Mary Ogden was the reigning beauty of her day, so once again, 40 years later, she becomes the popular idol.

The biggest selling book in years, a remarkable revelation -- an astounding motion picture.

The most unique theme of all time. A miracle drama that will amaze you -- thrill you -- and hold you.


with Corinne Griffith, Conway Tearle and Clara Bow. Directed by Frank Lloyd. Associated First National.

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