The Bakery (1921)

JIM (1914)

Moving Picture World, June 11, 1921, page 642

"The Bakery"

This two-reel Larry Semon comedy of Vitagraph construction brought down the house with its slapstick fun at the Rialto Theatre this week.  There is neither rhyme nor reason to it, but many of the pie-throwing antics are undeniably funny and there is some spectacular stuff on a long ladder that does the see-saw with a high fence.  Animals enter largely into the comedy and add much to it, but many of the persons will not like the way the monkey and the cat are treeated in a coupleof places.  The part where the monkey is thrown into fresh dough and is shown ahivering after climbing out, is one of those that should be deleted without fail. S. S.

Moving Picture World review of THE BAKERY (1921) with Larry Semon

with Larry Semon, Oliver Hardy and Frank Alexander.  Directed by Larry Semon and Norman Taurog.  Vitagraph.

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